Casual Hairstyles

Loose Ponytails Hairstyles

If you are in need of some new styling ideas for your beautiful long hair, I offer you those popular styles of ponytail that are easy-to-do yet very cute and stylish. Loose ponytail hairstyles are suitable for girls and women of all ages and that’s why such designs will never go out of the fashion.


Are you looking for simple lifesaver from bad hair days? Of course there won’t be better option than ponytail because it can be styled in minute. Feel that look hair annoy you? Just pull hair back and tie with a band. Such effortlessly chic and funky up-do will be suitable with both jeans and classy suit so you can keep this up-do hairstyle in your mind and use it like a secret weapon every time you want to have neat look.

Army Haircuts Ideas

Male army haircuts just like classy up-dos for women will never go out of the fashion as they have special function. Just like office workers have dress code and strict rules about hairstyle, army has even severe rules about haircut and there are no discussions about changing the rules. So which are those army haircuts that are chosen by soldiers and not only?

Army Haircuts trends 2013

The best and most popular style of army haircut is still buzz cut that is very popular among celebs. Super short crop cut hair will set you free from styling steps. Just wash and go. Still such haircut is suitable only for those with proportionate scalp and facial features. If you are not sure about buzz cut hairstyle you can choose high and tight design where the crown area is left slightly longer than the sides and back.

buzz haircut

Flat-top is another variety of buzz cut but it is more funky and fashionable. Here the top is left a bit long while the nape and sides are totally shaved.

Those are the main styles of army haircuts that are popular nowadays. All of them look very stylish and hot. Go for army haircut if you like that masculine and bit brutal look.

flattop-haircuts for men

Megan Fox Hairstyles

megan-fox-hairstyles-long-wavymegan fox updo hairstyle

Megan Fox ponytail Hairmegan fox long ayered hairstyle

Styling Long Hair

If you are in need of some new styling ideas for long hair, I have several easy and creative options for you. The owners of long hair probably know all disadvantages of long locks but with new styling ideas you will forget about exhausting hours spent styling hair.

Casual hairstyles for long hair

Before thinking about styling options you should know that only healthy and smooth hair can provide you with flawless look so do not forget to keep high class hair care formulas and styling tools in your beauty kit that will protect hair from damage. So you have already learnt how to take care of long hair, now it is time to learn basic rules how to style it.

Blonde Hair Color Trends

If anyone asks you which is the most popular hair color I can surely say that blonde is the answer. Beauty bunnies of all times were blonde and today too zillion ladies choose blonde hair color is the hottest. Every year hair color trends are updated with new blonde shades and women now have so many colors to choose from.

Are you tired of your natural hair? I guess it is time to become one of those sexy bunnies with blonde hair.


Blonde hair color surely looks smashing but it is of high maintenance. It is not suitable for all skin tones and it is rather capricious yet the result will be simply stunning. If you are ready to devote so much time on hair care, you just need to ask your hairdresser to grant you with blonde color. As a real professional, hair colorist will choose the most suitable shade for your complexion so if you want to have flawless look the help of pro hairdresser is must.