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Blonde Hair Colors 2015

Platinum blonde tresses are left in the past to be stylish and fashionable go for the golden miracle of blonde hair colors 2015: beige blonde. Together with the medium pigmentation, you will similarly have a sweet appearance and natural gloss with this stylish tint of blonde.

After developing as a great trend last year, the beige blonde hair hue is getting more and more widespread as a preferred tone of blonde for many women who wish a more natural attitude to light tinted tresses. Becoming blonde is also a faultless base for investigating with highlights and low lights for a unspoiled summer sun-kissed appearance.

Celebs Who Love Beige Blonde Hair

The golden touch of beige blonde has involved many celebrities from Taylor Swift and Natalie Portman to Nicole Richie and Jennifer Aniston. The perfect thing in beige blonde is that this hair tint looks dreamily natural on many women, even with plenty of roots displaying.

The Olsen Twins are also fans of the beige blonde hair shade and it similarly makes miracles for Blake Lively complimented with a few darker lowlights.

Blonde hair color 2015

2015 Nicole_Richie_beige_blonde_hair_color

Light Beige Blonde Hair Color

Medium to light blondes are able to simply develop for the lightest tones of beige blonde without any bleaching. If you are warring platinum blonde and champagne blonde tresses, the changeover to this natural golden tone will be rather easy.

The one difficult you could come across the light beige blonde hair tint is if you have an orange shade previously present in your curls. No need to try to color your tresses yourself, go to an experienced colorist who has experiment of offsetting the orange with a color in a violet base, that revokes out the orange, leaving area for the lovely golden tones of beige blond.

Red hair color Ideas for 2015

There is a huge variety of red hair color ideas 2015 to investigate, all you need to do is to pick one that is perfect to your skin tone and makes you to turn into brand new redhead!

You need not to have a natural red locks shade, you just need to be courageous  and take your red hair shade, as there are a lot of tints of red hair color tints existing: from ginger to copper and natural-looking red shades, all these colors specify enhancement and femininity.

hair color 2015

red hair color 2015

natural looking red hair color

red hair color for long hairstyles

Bright Red Hair Shades

Magenta, burgundy and fiery red colors are faultless for those who have a porcelain complexion, as they enhance a very modern touch to your new look. These are eye-catching shades as well that will certainly get you be obvious in the crowd.

Hair Highlights Ideas 2015

Hair gurus and designers have already set trends in fashion and hair industry for fall and winter and you can already check out some of the best designer collections and iconic images by artists on the catwalk. But I don’t want to talk about runway shows or designer collections instead I want to introduce you just one hair trend for coming fall and winter that’ll help you to stay trendy and stylish.

Hair Highlights Ideas 01Hair Highlights Ideas

Wonder what am I talking about? I am taking about hair highlighting that is still considered the best hair coloring technique. Modern hair coloring techniques offer so many fantastic styles and options that even the boldest and unimaginable color combo can be realized with the help of pro colorist. There is no need to stick to monotony while there are so many amazing styles of highlights. Do you like the idea of having ultra-modern and jaw dropping look? If so check out this parade of fantastic hair highlights styles that are meant to warm up coming cool days.

2015 Multi Tonal Hair Colors

Monotony is not the answer to your beauty dilemma and you will surely fail if you stick to one tone and boring hair color. So what is the right way to have modern and eye catching look? There is way out. Go for multi tonal hair color and you will never get back to monotony. Don’t you think that it is more beautiful to wear natural hair spiced up with few highlights?

Hair Highlights Ideas 03Hair Highlights Ideas

Modern hair highlighting ideas and coloring techniques take you to a new world of colors and styles where you are totally free to use your imagination and do whatever you want. You can find any unimaginable color combo that will brighten up your look and totally transform your image.  

Brunette Hair Colors 2015

Brunette hair color was the most popular one of all times and this statement has several reasons. First of all it is the one that suits all skin tones and complexions and this is why women so often choose dark brown hair color. Another advantage of brunette hair is low maintenance; in comparison with bright rich pigmented colors like red or blonde dark brown color doesn’t fade quickly and needs less effort.

brown_hairhair colors for dark hair

Hair color trends 2015 include all shades of brown and brunette and all of them are trendy this season. For 2015 summer hair colorists offer to choose dark rich chocolate brown shades that will complete sun kissed skin. If you have made up your mind to change your image for this summer, I offer you to check out those pictures of brunette hair colors and find the one that will suit you most.

Hair Highlights 2015

Have you stuck to monotony? If your answer is yes I offer you to get rid of casual hairstyle and jazz up your look for this summer with few hair highlights. This simple trick will totally transform even the most boring and dull image so let’s consider some of the hottest summer hair highlights 2015.

Bold Hair Highlights 05Bold Hair Color Ideas

Bold Hair Highlights 02Bold Hair Highlights 03

Hair highlighting is very popular hair coloring technique that is used by all hair stylists. Moreover, there are some styles of highlights that can be easily done at home especially if you have some skills.

Warm Hair Colors Ideas

It is pretty hard to kiss goodbye to hot summer days and get ready for fall and winter. We can do nothing but make fall days brighter and joyful with brand new haircut and hair color. If you do not want to change your haircut you can skip this step and update your look with totally new hair color. What can make you look more seductive and eye catching than warm hair color? If you still doubt whether it is worth to change hair color or not just take a sneak peek at this palette of warm colors.


Wide palette of innovative hair colors includes so many options for ladies who do not shy away from dramatic changes. Can you pull of bright and bloody red or ebony black with pink or purple highlights? If so, you can find zillion color combos that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Fall 2015 Hair Colors

We have already said good bye to so hot and joyful summer and getting ready to meet fall with a lot of memories from summer. I hope you have completed your wardrobe with new clothes and shoes for fall. If not you have still time to rush the stores and find some amazing pieces for your personal collection. But today I don’t want to talk about your wardrobe; instead I want to show you collection of 2015 fall hair colors that are going to be trendy.


The main trend of fall just like for summer is still natural and subtle colors. The tendency of elegant and natural colors is seen both on catwalks and red carpet and this is great because there is no need to torture your hair with ultra-bright and vibrant tones. You can even keep your natural color and simply fresh it up with few highlights.