Hair Color

Ways to Choose New Hair Color

You are going to visit your fave hair salon and you do not know what to do with your hair. It is such a difficult thing to choose new haircut and it is so easy to make a mistake so we will leave aside this theme and talk about new hair color that is even better trick to change image.

Red Medium HairstylesRed Hair Color

Cute Hair Highlights Ideas 01Cute Hair Highlights Ideas

Nowadays there are so many shades and undertones of hair color, coloring techniques as well as sources of information that you will never feel the lack of information. Still in this variety of colors it is much easier to get confused and in order to stay away from hair disaster you should be very attentive. In case you have chosen contrasting color you should be twice as attentive. Best thing is to ask hair colorist to grant you with the most flattering shade. On the other hand if you are sure about your coloring skills you can save your money and dye hair alone. Of course there is a risk to damage hair and you should take all steps to protect tresses from chemical damage.

Keeping Hair Color Fresh

Dying hair in dazzling and modern hair color is only the part of job you should do to have stunning look. Actually coloring is the easiest part that can be done by pro colorist and all you may do is to relax and enjoy your time in hair salon. So what comes next?

Next step is proper hair care rules that will help you to keep hair color fresh and glowing. There are zillion color protective formulas that are available in the market but most of them are useless, the others are too expensive and the small per cent of those products are even dangerous for hair.

Hair Coloring Blundershair_color_picture

After you have colored hair you should immediately buy shampoo and conditioner for colored locks. Moreover if you have chosen blonde or red choose shampoo specially designed for that particular shade.

Flattering Hair Colors

Hair color just like hairstyle has great importance for physical appearance and that’s why when it comes to choosing hair color women simply get confused. If you have made up your mind to go for color changes I offer you to learn some basic rules that will help you to find the most flattering shade as well as some tricks on how to keep hair healthy and fresh.


First and the most important thing to be done is to find out what your skin type is. Cool tones of skin like porcelain fair and medium fair can be combined with any light and cool color. Shades of blonde like platinum, icy caramel and strawberry blonde will be just fantastic. Cool tone will be in balance with light skin and will not make it look pale. Natural tones of red like ginger and copper are also great options for fair skin especially if you have green eyes.


How to Wear Vibrant Hair Color

I am sure that you have not once looked trough he pictures of vibrant hair colors and color combinations and you simple passed by and lived with dull hair color. But there will surely be brave women who will be ready to break the monotony and become the owner of the hottest hair color ever. I hope once you will also dare to kiss good bye to natural hair color and go glam with ultra-hot color combo. I want to devote this article to all those brave girls who have changed natural color and adopted bold hair highlighting. 

Bold Hair Highlight

Multi tonal hair coloring is very popular nowadays. There are so many styles color combos as well as coloring techniques that you will never get bored experimenting with hair. I have not once introduced you different styles of hair highlights both subtle and bold but at this time I want to show you some steps and tricks on how to wear vibrant hair color because it is as important as coloring process itself.

Christina Aguilera Hairstyles

Our beauty bunny Christina Aguilera still rocks no matter she has beautiful curves or sexy petite figure. But today I want to talk about her hairstyle evolution from the beginning of her glorious carrier.

Christina Aguilera blonde hairstylechristina-aguilera-blonde-black-hairstyle

Christina Aguilera’s image has changed so many times from medium to super long, and every single time she looked stunning. Just like other beauty bunnies she also liked dramatic changes but there is one thing that she had never betrayed; it is her blonde hair color. Of course she had not once spiced up her fairy blonde hair color with bright highlighted strands like bloody red, black, pink and purple. It was such period that can be called ‘bad girl’ and then she totally changed her image and adopted retro style. When she appeared wearing her classy bob styled in Marcel waves she made such a boom in Celebville and not only that her new image was the topic of discussions for such a long time.

Reddish Brown Hair Color

reddish brown hair color

Reddish brown hair color

Auburn Hair ColorReddish brown hair colour

Redish Brown hair color asian girl

Short Haircuts and Hair Colors

Short hairstyle is without doubt the hottest one nowadays as it emphasizes strong and independent nature of modern women and this is the main reason why so many girls and women of all ages keep hair short.

Short haircut is the one that accentuates all your best features and of course some little faults. Surely modern hair cutting techniques will help you to hide all those imperfections.


Trendy hair colors for short hair 01

Short haircut will look even more fantastic when completed with proper hair color. The hottest one that is suitable for short haircut is blonde. What else can look more seductive than super short blonde hair. Cool platinum blonde, icy blonde as well as all warm shades will create stunning look but if you are not ready to bleach hair you can add few blonde highlights. 

Blonde Hair Color Trends

If anyone asks you which is the most popular hair color I can surely say that blonde is the answer. Beauty bunnies of all times were blonde and today too zillion ladies choose blonde hair color is the hottest. Every year hair color trends are updated with new blonde shades and women now have so many colors to choose from.

Are you tired of your natural hair? I guess it is time to become one of those sexy bunnies with blonde hair.


Blonde hair color surely looks smashing but it is of high maintenance. It is not suitable for all skin tones and it is rather capricious yet the result will be simply stunning. If you are ready to devote so much time on hair care, you just need to ask your hairdresser to grant you with blonde color. As a real professional, hair colorist will choose the most suitable shade for your complexion so if you want to have flawless look the help of pro hairdresser is must.