Hairstyles with bangs

2015 Long Hairstyles

Thinking about long hairstyle I have contradicting feelings; from one point long hair is highly feminine and elegant, from the other it is of high maintenance and hard to manage. So can we consider long hair an advantage of disadvantage? Let’s check out some of the best long hairstyles 2015 and maybe we can find the answer to my dilemma.

Long hairstyles trends

For 2015 fall hair gurus offer to wear perfectly blunt cut long hairstyle completed with blunt bang. Geometric strict lines will place the accent on your eyes make your image even more magnetic. Still such haircut needs much effort to style poker straight and if you have natural curly tresses you’d better stay away from blunt hairstyle.

Long Bang Hairstyles

Are you looking for new ways to update your long hairstyles? I know what it means to have long hair and think about haircut change. Actually there is hardly any woman that would like to chop off long hair and thinking about shorter haircut is something like a taboo. So what is the solution? The best way to transform your image and at the same time keep hair long is to add a bang.

Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2015Haircuts with bangs01

Beautiful long blunt cut hairstyle will look even more stylish and jaw dropping when combined with blunt bang. This is the best trick to place the accent on your eyes and make face look proportionate. If you think that blunt bang will not be suitable for your face shape, you can combine your already fabulous long hair with side bang.

Men’s Hairstyles for 2015

2015 hairstyles trends are so versatile and it concerns to both men and women haircuts. Women have much more opportunities to play with hair length and texture while boys have limited options. Still, hair stylists managed to upgrade already existing collection with fantastic designs. Let’s find out what is included in the collection of 2015 hairstyles for men and I am sure that you will find some creative options for you.

Men HaircutsMen Haircuts 2015

Men Haircuts 02Men Haircuts03

The key detail of 2015 hairstyles is versatility and the easiest way to have such kind of haircut is layering. This trick is the most popular hair cutting technique for both men and women’s haircuts. The popularity of layering has several reasons. First of all layered hairstyle is easy to style.  Among the most popular layered hairstyles for men I want to mention layered pixie where short cropped sides are combined with longer layers at the top. Similar haircut with longer top is classy undercut that has been updated with modern details like choppy or asymmetric layers.

2014 Medium Layered Hairstyles

Do you really care about wasted time on hair styling? If so, you can easily chop off long hair and become the owner of trendy medium haircut. There are so many medium length haircuts and styling ideas that you will never get bored experimenting with them.

hair style medium length with layerescool layered medium hairstyle

In the greatest versatility of medium hairstyles I want to mention medium layered hairstyles that are of great popularity this season. New season trends include so many designs suitable for any hair texture, face shape and age. This hair length is perfect to wear it loose or pulled up and in both cases you will spend only few minutes. Let’s consider several medium layered hairstyles and I am sure that you will find several amazing designs for you.

Long Hair with Bangs Hairstyles

Every single woman dreams of having sexy long hair and this is why most women and girls try to keep hair long. Though long hair needs much care and time, it doesn’t stop women to wear super long tresses. Besides of zillion advantages long hair has some disadvantages and the first one is that it may look boring especially if hair is not healthy. The best way to upgrade hairstyle is to add details like layers or bang. As we are talking about long hair, layering may seem too radical so let’s consider only new bangs hairstyles  for long hair.

Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2013Long Hairstyles with Bang

The greatest thing about long hair is that it can be completed with any style of a bang. The only factor to be taken into consideration is face shape. Besides of being modern and stylish, bang is highly functional as it can hide some imperfections of face. In order to have flwless look you should first of all analyze face shape. For instance, if you have large forehead, you can easily balance your face shape by adding massive eyebrow sweeping bang. This trick hide hide forehead and make it look proportionate. This style of bang will also be suitable for oval face shape. Actually any type of a bang will be suitable for oval face.

New Bangs Hairstyles

Want to update your haircut for fall and still don’t know what the best option is? I have great idea for you. Here is a selection of new bangs hairstyles that will give you a dose of inspiration and may be you will find some creative ideas for your haircut.

long bangs hairstyles

medium hairstyle with bang

Bang hairstyle is the best option to upgrade hairstyle especially if you do not want to change hair length. This is very important for the owners of long hair who do not want to chop off an inch of hair.

There are so many beautiful styles of bangs and hair cutting tricks that you will surely find the most flattering one for your face shape and personality.

Celebrity Medium Hairstyles

Can you tell me what the most popular celebrity hairstyle is nowadays? If you do not know the answer I can help you. Here is a gallery of celebrity beauty bunnies who wear the hottest haircut of all times. I am talking about fashionable medium hairstyles. 

If you have never chopped off hair and worn medium hairstyle you will never know how versatile it can be and what styling options it can give you so if you really want to have celeb worth look it is high time to get a dose for coming makeover.


Jessica Alba medium length hairstyles

There are infinite designs of medium haircut from classy blunt cut to modern layered and all of them are gorgeous. First one that I want to show you is long blunt bob with blunt bang or without bang. More often blunt bob is worn super sleek with deep or middle parting. This style will be just perfect for round and oval face shapes.

Midi Hairstyles with Bangs

Keep hair medium length if you want to have stylish and fashionable look. Nowadays modern women who have lack of time for simple things try to have easy-to-do yet glamorous hairstyle. Busy rhythm of life dictates rules and that’s why hair gurus have created so many hairstyles perfectly suitable for modern women. If you also want to have such flawless look like those beauty bunnies check out the following midi hairstyles with bangs.

medium hair with cute bangsmidi hairstyles with bangs 2014

New designs of medium haircuts are more often completed with layers. This trick is used to add extra volume to thin hair or movement to heavy tresses. Moreover, layered hairstyle is more easy to transform and you will never get bored experimenting with new designs.