Long Hairstyles

Long Bob Hairstyles 2014

Season changes, trends change but there is one thing that will never change. Bob haircut will always be popular. With little upgraded details and twists classy bob haircut remains one of the most frequently chosen design all over the world. This has several reasons so let’s find out some of them.

Bob haircut is the one that is suitable for all face shapes. Moreover, let’s consider long bob hairstyle that is perfect option for any age, face shape and hair texture. Long bob hairstyle will surely become lifesaver for all your beauty dilemmas.

Katie Holmes bob haircut

As a perfect source of inspiration you can turn to celebrities who have already chosen long bob hairstyle and learn some new ways on how to style it.

New Hairstyles for Teens

Teen girls just like adult women go crazy about experimenting with hair and that’s why hair stylists have created so many haircuts and styles suitable for teens. Still, sometimes girls forget about their age and choose hairstyles that are not age appropriate.

There are so many beautiful and natural hairstyles suitable for teen girls and most of them are upgraded with modern details. 2013 hair trends include zillion cute hairstyles and all of them are easy-to-do. Here is another selection of new hairstyles for teen girls.


Teenage Hairstyles 03

Teenage Hairstyles

Teenage Hairstyles 02Teenage Hairstyles 01

Easy maintenance is another important detail that should be taken into account when choosing hairstyle. It is much more important to spend time having fun than torture yourself by the mirror. Young girls more often keep hair long and it is great because nothing can make girl look more feminine and cute than long hair. The best way to have attractive look is to learn some up-do hairstyles. Simple bun, ponytail, top knot, half up-do, braid or any other pulled up hairstyle will need only five minutes. 

Long Hair with Bangs Hairstyles

Every single woman dreams of having sexy long hair and this is why most women and girls try to keep hair long. Though long hair needs much care and time, it doesn’t stop women to wear super long tresses. Besides of zillion advantages long hair has some disadvantages and the first one is that it may look boring especially if hair is not healthy. The best way to upgrade hairstyle is to add details like layers or bang. As we are talking about long hair, layering may seem too radical so let’s consider only new bangs hairstyles  for long hair.

Long Hairstyles with Bangs 2013Long Hairstyles with Bang

The greatest thing about long hair is that it can be completed with any style of a bang. The only factor to be taken into consideration is face shape. Besides of being modern and stylish, bang is highly functional as it can hide some imperfections of face. In order to have flwless look you should first of all analyze face shape. For instance, if you have large forehead, you can easily balance your face shape by adding massive eyebrow sweeping bang. This trick hide hide forehead and make it look proportionate. This style of bang will also be suitable for oval face shape. Actually any type of a bang will be suitable for oval face.

Long Hair Up-do Hairstyles

Elegant and classy pulled up hairstyle can decorate both casual and formal outfit and that’s its popularity never decreases.  2013 hair trends include so many up-do hairstyles and all of them are gorgeous. Many up-do hairstyles are suitable for both long and medium hair lengths but now I want to represent you long hair up-do hairstyles for the owners of long tresses.

Styling Ideas for Long HairStyling Ideas for Long Hair updo

The best thing about up-do hairstyle is that it can be perfect lifesaver from bad hair days. If you wake up in the morning not knowing what to do with the mess on your head, you can simply pull hair in a simple bun or top knot and you will solve the problem in a few minutes. There are many easy up-do hairstyles that will be suitable for long hair and most of them are quite simple. Even if you have never practiced any of them you can learn several tricks and become real professional.

Long Hairstyles with Layers

Upgrade your beautiful long hairstyle with modern details to make your hair look even gorgeous? What details are trendy this season? If you do not know the answer to this question, this post will be useful for you.

The owners of long hairstyles cannot get rid of even an inch of hair. In this case thinking about going shorter is simply useless. In this case the best option will be to add a few layers. Besides of being trendy, layering is functional so let’s check out some of the best long hairstyles with layers.

layered hair

coute long layered hairstyles

First and the most important function is that few soft layers will revitalize your look. This trick is perfect especially if you have split ends. Regular trimming will help you to get rid of dry and split ends and keep hair flawless. Another reason why layering is so popular is that it can boost the volume of thin hair and at the same time add movement to bulky texture. Long blunt style can weight down hair. Moreover, styling such haircut is harder than layered haircut.

Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

Long hairstyle is still the best one to have cute and feminine look and that’s why women so often keep hair long. Besides of being so beautiful long hairstyle has many advantages and functions. The best one is surely the ability to change it in million ways especially for those who have some styling skills.

Another function of hairstyle is the ability to hide facial imperfections and at the same time highlight best features. In order to enjoy all the benefits of your hairstyle you should know how to choose design and how to wear it. In case with long hairstyle there are numerous options go for.

Hairstyles for round facesHairstyles for round faces01

The greatest function of hairstyle is face framing effect especially when it comes to round or square face shapes. Such face shape is a bit problematic yet properly chosen haircut can solve this problem. At this time I want to talk about long hairstyles for round face shape and the ways to style hair. 

Celebrity Face Slimming Hairstyles

Beauty icons from Celebville dictate tendncies in fashion, makeup and hair trends and the reason why this statement is a huge group of devotees and fans. Actually this is great because they wear the best and the trendiest designs that are created by the best designers, makeup artists and hair gurus. It is quite wise and reasonable to get a dose of inspiration from celebs.

Celebrities wearing Face Slimming Hairstyles 01Celebrities wearing Face Slimming Hairstyles

At this time I want to represent you selection of celebrity hairstyles for round face shape. The reason why I separated those hairstyles is that more often women do not take into consideration face shape when choosing new design but I must say that it is the greatest mistake you can ever do. Hairstyle is meant to bring out your best features and at the same time hide little faults so it is worth to take this factor into account.

New Bangs Hairstyles

Want to update your haircut for fall and still don’t know what the best option is? I have great idea for you. Here is a selection of new bangs hairstyles that will give you a dose of inspiration and may be you will find some creative ideas for your haircut.

long bangs hairstyles

medium hairstyle with bang

Bang hairstyle is the best option to upgrade hairstyle especially if you do not want to change hair length. This is very important for the owners of long hair who do not want to chop off an inch of hair.

There are so many beautiful styles of bangs and hair cutting tricks that you will surely find the most flattering one for your face shape and personality.