Medium Hairstyles

2014 Medium Layered Hairstyles

Do you really care about wasted time on hair styling? If so, you can easily chop off long hair and become the owner of trendy medium haircut. There are so many medium length haircuts and styling ideas that you will never get bored experimenting with them.

hair style medium length with layerescool layered medium hairstyle

In the greatest versatility of medium hairstyles I want to mention medium layered hairstyles that are of great popularity this season. New season trends include so many designs suitable for any hair texture, face shape and age. This hair length is perfect to wear it loose or pulled up and in both cases you will spend only few minutes. Let’s consider several medium layered hairstyles and I am sure that you will find several amazing designs for you.

Long Bob Hairstyles 2014

Season changes, trends change but there is one thing that will never change. Bob haircut will always be popular. With little upgraded details and twists classy bob haircut remains one of the most frequently chosen design all over the world. This has several reasons so let’s find out some of them.

Bob haircut is the one that is suitable for all face shapes. Moreover, let’s consider long bob hairstyle that is perfect option for any age, face shape and hair texture. Long bob hairstyle will surely become lifesaver for all your beauty dilemmas.

Katie Holmes bob haircut

As a perfect source of inspiration you can turn to celebrities who have already chosen long bob hairstyle and learn some new ways on how to style it.

Medium Hairstyles for Women over 40

There are many ways to look young and attractive but most of them are too expensive and even dangerous like plastic surgery or too expensive makeup products that can bring to fatal skin diseases. On the other hand there is simple and very effective way to look young.  The secret is proper chosen haircut that will hide some imperfection and add youthful vibe to image.

Medium Hairstyles Ideas for LadiesMelina-nature-curly-hair-style

Nowadays there are so many beautiful and elegant hairstyles that will be suitable for ladies over 40 but the best one is surely medium length haircut that has modern look of short design and functionality of long hairstyle. Isn’t it great to have such a lifesaver? Women over 40 should keep in mind several rules when choosing new haircut. 

Medium Hairtcuts for Mature Women

The main idea of hairstyle is to emphasize woman’s best features and at the same time hide little imperfections and that’s why choosing hairstyle should be done with great care. This is more important especially for mature women because proper chosen hairstyle can make them look even younger and more attractive.

Medium Hairstyles Trends 2013Medium Hairstyles Trends for Ladies

There are many stylish and elegant hairstyles suitable for mature women but the best option that looks smashing and at the same time can be styled easily is medium length hair.

How to Create Volume

Volume is one of criteria to have smashing hairstyle yet not everyone is blessed with natural thick and heavy hair. Ladies who have thin hair suffer from the lack of extra volume and here come numerous styling products for rescue. If you also suffer from thin and lifeless hair I offer you to enrich your beauty kit with all necessary products and tools and learn some lifesaving tricks that will help you to add unimaginable volume.

Surely there are numerous styling tricks to add volume but before thinking about them let me tell you that the easiest way to have voluminous hairstyle is to add soft layers to the crown. Short tapered layers will boost the volume instantly even if you do not style hair.

Voluminous Hairstyles Ideas 2013Voluminous Hairstyles Ideas

Curly Hairstyles Ideas

Voluminous Hairstyles Ideas 2013

If you have already got layered haircut it is time to learn some tricks on how to create volume. For extra volume you should use volumizing shampoo and conditioner. If you have thin hair do not use conditioner otherwise the product will weight down tresses and it will be harder to add volume. So you have already washed hair and towel dried. Now it is time to style locks. 

New Hairstyles for Teens

Teen girls just like adult women go crazy about experimenting with hair and that’s why hair stylists have created so many haircuts and styles suitable for teens. Still, sometimes girls forget about their age and choose hairstyles that are not age appropriate.

There are so many beautiful and natural hairstyles suitable for teen girls and most of them are upgraded with modern details. 2013 hair trends include zillion cute hairstyles and all of them are easy-to-do. Here is another selection of new hairstyles for teen girls.


Teenage Hairstyles 03

Teenage Hairstyles

Teenage Hairstyles 02Teenage Hairstyles 01

Easy maintenance is another important detail that should be taken into account when choosing hairstyle. It is much more important to spend time having fun than torture yourself by the mirror. Young girls more often keep hair long and it is great because nothing can make girl look more feminine and cute than long hair. The best way to have attractive look is to learn some up-do hairstyles. Simple bun, ponytail, top knot, half up-do, braid or any other pulled up hairstyle will need only five minutes. 

Best Medium Hairstyles

For all those ladies who still cannot solve beauty dilemma I have great idea for you. Among all the best and trendy haircuts of 2013 and 2014 I want you to choose medium haircut that features all necessary qualities and functions that you need.

Cool Medium Hairstyles 04Medium Hairstyles 2013

Shoulder Length Medium HairstylesCool Medium Hairstyles 03

What does it mean? Ok I will explain. First of all medium haircut is of low maintenance. Even the most unmanageable hair can be easily styled due to perfect hair length. Being golden middle way for women who cannot maintain long hair and at the same time can’t go for total makeover medium haircut has become some kind of lifesaver. So we have got already two advantages and they are really very important. Let’s go on.

Styling Ideas for Midi Hair

Your imagination can no longer find new ways to style medium hairstyle and as a result you wear one and the same design every single day. Of course it is not good for your image and you will not feel good blending on the crowd. So what to do in order to have attractive look with minimal effort?

Gorgeous HairstylesGorgeous Hairstyles 2013

Glam HairStyleGorgeous Hairstyles 2013

Medium hair length is the one that can provide you with numerous styling tricks; you just need to learn how to style such design in a proper way. Modern designs included in 2014 hair trends offer numerous styles of medium haircut completed with layers that make such design even better. This haircut is some kind of canvas to create masterpieces from sleek to curly, lose and up-do hairstyles you will have a chance to experiment with zillion designs and you will never get bored of them.