Midi hairstyles

Best Medium Hairstyles

For all those ladies who still cannot solve beauty dilemma I have great idea for you. Among all the best and trendy haircuts of 2013 and 2014 I want you to choose medium haircut that features all necessary qualities and functions that you need.

Cool Medium Hairstyles 04Medium Hairstyles 2013

Shoulder Length Medium HairstylesCool Medium Hairstyles 03

What does it mean? Ok I will explain. First of all medium haircut is of low maintenance. Even the most unmanageable hair can be easily styled due to perfect hair length. Being golden middle way for women who cannot maintain long hair and at the same time can’t go for total makeover medium haircut has become some kind of lifesaver. So we have got already two advantages and they are really very important. Let’s go on.

Styling Ideas for Midi Hair

Your imagination can no longer find new ways to style medium hairstyle and as a result you wear one and the same design every single day. Of course it is not good for your image and you will not feel good blending on the crowd. So what to do in order to have attractive look with minimal effort?

Gorgeous HairstylesGorgeous Hairstyles 2013

Glam HairStyleGorgeous Hairstyles 2013

Medium hair length is the one that can provide you with numerous styling tricks; you just need to learn how to style such design in a proper way. Modern designs included in 2014 hair trends offer numerous styles of medium haircut completed with layers that make such design even better. This haircut is some kind of canvas to create masterpieces from sleek to curly, lose and up-do hairstyles you will have a chance to experiment with zillion designs and you will never get bored of them.

New Bangs Hairstyles

Want to update your haircut for fall and still don’t know what the best option is? I have great idea for you. Here is a selection of new bangs hairstyles that will give you a dose of inspiration and may be you will find some creative ideas for your haircut.

long bangs hairstyles

medium hairstyle with bang

Bang hairstyle is the best option to upgrade hairstyle especially if you do not want to change hair length. This is very important for the owners of long hair who do not want to chop off an inch of hair.

There are so many beautiful styles of bangs and hair cutting tricks that you will surely find the most flattering one for your face shape and personality.

Celebrity Medium Hairstyles

Can you tell me what the most popular celebrity hairstyle is nowadays? If you do not know the answer I can help you. Here is a gallery of celebrity beauty bunnies who wear the hottest haircut of all times. I am talking about fashionable medium hairstyles. 

If you have never chopped off hair and worn medium hairstyle you will never know how versatile it can be and what styling options it can give you so if you really want to have celeb worth look it is high time to get a dose for coming makeover.


Jessica Alba medium length hairstyles

There are infinite designs of medium haircut from classy blunt cut to modern layered and all of them are gorgeous. First one that I want to show you is long blunt bob with blunt bang or without bang. More often blunt bob is worn super sleek with deep or middle parting. This style will be just perfect for round and oval face shapes.

Cute Medium Hairstyles

Are to in need of some new styling ideas for your medium haircut? I have put together some of the most popular medium hairstyles that were spotted on the red carpet and catwalk so that you will have a chance of get some inspiration from true beauty bunnies and models.


The best thing about medium haircut that I so much love is low maintenance. Mo matter you have the most unmanageable hair you will be able to transform messy hair in a minute. All that you need is your beauty kit full of styling products and your creativity. If you have shoulder length hair you can experiment with virtually all available up-do hairstyles from simple bun to flirty twist and chignon.

New Hairstyles for Round Faces

Hairstyle is perfect option to look more attractive and stylish and that’s why when choosing new haircut women should take into consideration not only its modern look but also the fact whether it is suitable for face shape or not. Besides of face shape there are many other factors that should be taken account in order to have flawless look.

Still first factor to keep in mind is face shape especially when women have round or square face. So how to find perfect design to look attractive? Here is a beauty guideline that will help you to find proper haircut for round face shape.



There are so many haircuts and hairstyles available nowadays that one can easily find best option even without having special knowledge. From short to long hairstyles you can find myriad options suitable for you.

Layered Bob Hairstyles

There are many retro hairstyles that have survived the decades and till now are popular and all of them are simply gorgeous. Both haircuts and up-dos place the highest rates in the list of modern hairstyles but there is A style that is the best at least for me. I am sure that you thought of the same style. Yes the answer is bob haircut. 

Fabulous Bob Hairstyles

Since 50s bob hairstyle continues its glorious way up and I am sure that it will always be trendy. Every year retro bob has been upgraded with new details and every time hair gurus surprise us with their fantasy. I thought that there is nothing more to be created but when I looked through the pictures of 2013 bob hairstyles I simply forgot all words.

Medium Layered Hairstyles

Long gone are the days of monotony and simple styles. This is the era of great changes and you should stay on trend and never blend in the crowd. Do you like the idea of having the hottest haircut for coming fall? If so let’s find out some secrets from hair gurus.

asymmetrical layered hairstyleBob Layered Hairstyles

Blonde Layered HairstylesLayered Hairstyles with Bangs

When it comes to modern haircuts hairdressers offer just one detail, layering. This is the only option to create haircut that can be changed without any difficulty. The great variety of layered hairstyles includes both long and short styles that are simply fantastic. In any case layering is very functional design and it will set you free from difficult styling steps. Well I have perfect option for you.