Wavy Hairstyles

Celebrity Wavy Hairstyle

Do you envy every time you see celebs and their gorgeous hairstyles? I have great news for you; all celebrity beauty secrets are revealed. Exciting, isn’t it? Well for now I want to show you the secret of smashing beach waves by J.Lo.


Jennifer Lopez always looks so elegant and gorgeous and she is definitely the one that can inspire you with her image and hairstyle. In order to style wavy hairstyle you will need some styling tools and products as well as a bit patience and creativity. 

Styling Long Hair

If you are in need of some new styling ideas for long hair, I have several easy and creative options for you. The owners of long hair probably know all disadvantages of long locks but with new styling ideas you will forget about exhausting hours spent styling hair.

Casual hairstyles for long hair

Before thinking about styling options you should know that only healthy and smooth hair can provide you with flawless look so do not forget to keep high class hair care formulas and styling tools in your beauty kit that will protect hair from damage. So you have already learnt how to take care of long hair, now it is time to learn basic rules how to style it.

Classy Up-do Hairstyles

If you are looking for elegant hairstyle to complete your luxurious evening gown, you have found right post. Here are some of the best celebrity classy up-do hairstyles spotted on the red carpet.

Formal up-do should be suitable for your outfit, makeup and entire image so after you have chosen cocktail dress you can look for perfect hairstyle.

Elegant hairstyles for special occasions 04

Recently retro hairstyles are of great popularity especially among celebs and beauty bunnies. Retro wavy hairstyle will be amazing complement to any style of evening gown be it floor length or short bodycon dress. Thanks to modern hair styling tools it is very easy to create retro waves. There is no need to style them with fingers or pins.

Another wavy hairstyle that will be suitable for formal event is loose wavy hairstyle. Such design radiates elegance and femininity. All best features look even more glamorous and cute.

Elegant hairstyles01

Once you style hair wavy you can wear it in numerous ways. Loose wavy hairstyle surely looks elegant but it will be better if you wear it pulled up or styled in half up-do. Half pulled up hairs is amazing way to show off you super long locks and at the same time open your face. 

Celebrity Bob Haircuts

Celebrities always look so elegant and stylish and this is why they are considered main trendsetters of trends both in fashion and hairstyles. There are numerous celebrity hairstyles that are worth to be mentioned but as for me celebrity bob haircuts are the best. I have prepared amazing selection of celebrity bob hairstyles for ladies who want to be in the centre of attention.

Length Bob Hairstyles

Bob haircut is the most popular haircut of all times since 30s and till now. It has been upgraded and changed zillion times and till now it is A one for millions of women. Still wonder whether it is worth to wear bob haircut or not? Let me tell you the advantages of bob hairstyle and may be then you will be ready to chop off boring long hair and become the owner of the hottest hairstyle ever.

Elegant Male Hairstyles

Men just like women take care of their image and just like women try to stay in touch with latest hair trends. Still women have greater choice and newest trends include zillion hairstyles for girls.


The collection of male hairstyles is so versatile; it includes both funky and modern designs and classy haircuts that have been updated with modern details. Have you made up your mind to change your image? Here are some ideas of elegant male hairstyles that will be perfect option for the lovers of classy designs.

Rihanna Popular Hairstyles

If you are a fan of Rihanna you probably know all her beautiful transformations from beauty bunny with super long hair to lady vamp with asymmetric short haircut but if you are not aware of her beauty makeovers, I offer you to check out this brief gallery of Rihanna’s popular hairstyles and may be you will even get some inspiration.

Rihanna long hairstyles

Rihanna is the one that just goes crazy about going for dramatic changes. One day you can see her with elegant long hairstyle and then she can shock you with half shaved head. But let’s start from the beginning of her career and try to find out which is the best celebrity hairstyle.

Rachel Bilson Hairstyles

Rachel Bilson hair 01 Rachel-Bilson-hair

Rachel Bilson hair styleRachel bilson hair with bangs

Styling Beach Waves

Still wondering which is the hottest hairstyle of this summer? Stop surfing through web pages, just check out those beach wavy hairstyles and decide whether you can pull off so sexy hairstyle. Keep on hand your beauty kit with styling tools and products and get ready for makeover with the following guideline.

If you don’t know right ways of styling beach waves I offer to check out some video tutorials or the following tips that will help you to create flawless look.


Beach WavesBeach Waves 2013

The most important thing about beach wavy hairstyle is no heat styling options. As it is summer, there is no need to torture yourself with styling iron. Instead, there are so many tricks that will help you to create smashing beach waves with minimal effort.