Crazy Hair Colors

Do you know which the easiest way to update your image? If the answer is no you have found right post. I want to devote it to ladies who have stuck in monotony and can no longer bear blending in the crowd. I myself had once simple and boring hairstyle and then I thought why ladies continue wearing such dull hairstyle for years. It is so boring. Then I found really fantastic haircut, completed it with dazzling hair color and voila new me was jaw dropping. I liked my new image and I continue my experiments till now.

vivid hair color01

The reason why I told my story is to persuade girls to try changes because no one will like your casual image for eternity. Ok we have already found out that the best to change image is to go for new hair color but here comes the hardest step. What color to choose?

hair colorbold_hair_color5

As we are talking about dramatic changes let’s leave behind all those subtle colors and consider only innovative and crazy colors that will brighten up your look for an instant. In this case too you will have wide palette of colors to choose from. Want to have the image of lady seductress then choose icy or platinum blonde. Wish to conquer everyone’s heart with your new look then you should definitely spice up your hairstyle with fiery red color.

Want some drama? Complete dark hair color with purple, Atomic pink, electric blue, fruity orange and green highlights that will surely keep all eyes on you. At last if you love that extravagant and a bit conceptional image that is often seen on the catwalk you can wear pastel hair color like pale pink or purple.

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