Hair Coloring Ideas

Hair color just like hairstyle has great impact on your image and neglecting one or the other can make a bad thing for your image. Most women choose natural tones that are close to the base tone so that they can stay away from color disaster, the others simply avoid coloring hair with chemicals. I should say that they are quite right. Though nowadays there are zillion coloring products and most of them do not include ammonia, they are still chemical products and they can damage hair.

On the other hand, color change is the easiest was to brighten up your look. If you are tired of your casual image and you want something new, you can experiment with new hair color but before going for changes you’d better learn those hair coloring ideas and tips that will help you to have flawless look.

First condition to have glossy and one tone hair color is healthy and deep moisturized hair. If you have dry and damaged hair with split ends you’d better think about recovering your hair and then go on choosing new hair color. Deep conditioning treatment before the coloring process will provide hair with necessary moisture and protect hair from damage.


When choosing hair coloring product pay attention to ingredients. If you do not have the problem of grey hair, you can choose the one without ammonia that includes less harsh chemicals. Moreover, if you like to change color frequently you can choose semi-permanent that is more natural but it won’t last long.

natural hair color

perm for hair

Well you have already bought the coloring product, you have moisturized hair 2 days before and now it is time for changes. The color should be applied to the roots and spread to the edges. After you have applied the product do not keep it longer than it is supposed. Wash it thoroughly with warm water and shampoo. Color protective conditioner is must in your beauty kit.

Color protective tips are as important as coloring process. Again, you can find numerous products that can prevent color from fading but those formulas will be useless if you do not know right ways to take care of hair. First of all do not wash colored hair with warm water and always use shampoo for colored hair. Protect hair from UV rays with special hair serums that contain UV filters. Stay away from salt water.




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