Highlights for Brown Hair

Brown hair color is may be the most popular and frequently seen hair color. It looks natural and demands less care and effort than other vibrant shades and that’s why this color will never go out of the fashion. I am sure that you have at least once worn brown color and you know how it feels to be sexy brunette.

Still dark colors like brown and black can sometimes look harsh and a bit boring. So what to do to make brown hair look smashing? There is perfect way out. Just add few highlighted strands and you will see beautiful transformation of your hairstyle.

brunette hairstyles funkly highlightsbrunet hair color

Nowadays there are so many hair coloring techniques as well as numerous shades and undertones that you will surely be able to find something new and creative. There is no reason to stick to monotony when there are so many ways to look attractive.

Brown hair color can be combined with virtually all shades from vibrant red and purple to subtle blonde so when going for changes you should first of all decide whether you want something nontraditional or you want to wear elegant and subtle hair color.

Highlights ideas  for brunette hairHighlights ideas for brunette  hair

For maximum natural looking hairstyle brown hair color should be combined with dark blonde. The style of hair highlighting can be lowlights or thin strands spread all over hair. Both styles look fantastic especially when combined with sun kissed skin.

Red hair highlighting is another great option for brown hair. Here you have two options; you can choose natural tone of red that will slightly transform your image or go bolder and jazz up your look with bloody red. Decide what image is close to your personality and which one you can pull off.


Highlights ideasHighlights ideas for brunette hair

Highlights ideas for brunette hair 2013multi-colored-highlights



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