Highlights for Brown Hair

Brunettes rock! Don’t you believe me? Just check out pics from Celebville and you will see that women with darker hair look even more attractive and sexy. There is something magnetic and mysterious about their image and it cannot be explained with words.

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Brown hair looks fabulous especially when it is healthy and glossy but even the best hairstyle can soon bore you and look casual. There is an easy way out of this difficult situation. You can keep brown color and just add a single detail that will totally transform your image. Few highlighted strands spread all over hair will break harsh look and monotony of dark hair. Alongside with so fantastic look natural hair highlighting has amazing function; thin light highlights can make hair look thicker and more voluminous. This trick is vital for the owners of thin hair.

Brown hair color can be combined with virtually all hair colors. The only thing to be taken into account is the image you want to create. The braver you are the bolder your hair color is so stop blending in the crowd and never lose your chance to shock everyone with your nonconformist hairstyle. For modern look you can combine dark brown hair with fiery red, purple and orange highlights. Here the style of highlighting is as important as color so in order to make it even bolder choose either paneling or dip dying.

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Brown hair color looks fantastic when combined with blonde. For dark brown golden or dirty blonde will be just perfest. New styles of highlights like bayalage, dip dying or ombre hairstyles are still the most popular designs among celebs and beauty bunnies. Those styles will look simply irresistable for summer.

Red highlights are also great optio for brown hair. Natural tones of red like auburn, ginger and copper will brighten up brown hair. Just like blonde, red highlights can be spread all over hair or colored in lowlights.

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