New Amazing Hair Colors 2015

Still not satisfied with your image? Then you haven’t seen those new amazing hair colors 2015 that are meant to break the monotony of your hairstyles. The easiest way to stand out from gray monotony of the crowd is to change hair color. I am talking about dramatic changes so let’s forget about subtle and natural tones and get some inspiration from these pictures of dazzling hair colors.

Fabulous Hair Color IdeasFabulous Hair Color Ideas blonde shades

As we are talking about bright and not quite natural tones you should be a 100% sure that you can handle totally new image. In case you are not sure about the chosen color or you have any other doubt you can begin you transformation with semi-permanent hair color. This trick will give you a chance to experiment with wide palette of colors without damaging hair or going for any risk. Semi-permanent will last about 6 washes and you can get back to natural color.

Another trick that will help you to change your image gradually is hair highlighting. This coloring technique is widely used by all hair dressers and that’s why every season stylists create new designs of highlights. As we are taking about modern and a bit bolder designs, the color and style of highlighting will be eye catching. It can be red chunky highlights or even bolder blue, orange, purple chunks on the upper layers, Actually, there are zillion styles of hair highlighting and you will simply get lost in that variety.

Hair Color IdeasFabulous Hair Color Ideas 01

2015 hair color trends are not just subtle colors and natural highlights but let me say that new season trends are simply fantastic. Numerous designs of ultra hot and unimaginable color combos, as well as really bold designs are included in the collection of newest trends so I am sure that you will never get bored experimenting with your image.

blue shade hairhair color 2015

Fabulous Hair Color Ideas 02hair blue shades



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