Red hair color Ideas for 2015

There is a huge variety of red hair color ideas 2015 to investigate, all you need to do is to pick one that is perfect to your skin tone and makes you to turn into brand new redhead!

You need not to have a natural red locks shade, you just need to be courageous  and take your red hair shade, as there are a lot of tints of red hair color tints existing: from ginger to copper and natural-looking red shades, all these colors specify enhancement and femininity.

hair color 2015

red hair color 2015

natural looking red hair color

red hair color for long hairstyles

Bright Red Hair Shades

Magenta, burgundy and fiery red colors are faultless for those who have a porcelain complexion, as they enhance a very modern touch to your new look. These are eye-catching shades as well that will certainly get you be obvious in the crowd.

Similarly, those with a warm complexion should undeniably search for red shades which have a golden undertone.

Other tints of red tresses that can be involved in this set are: strawberry, tangerine or auburn.

Dark Red Hair Shades

Dark red is the best choice if you have an olive or dark skin tone as well as a dark natural hair color. One perfect tint selection with which you can’t go wrong is the dark cherry red. This dark red hair color features a violet undertone, and it has striking look if your natural hair color varieties from dark brown to black.

hairstyle with red hair color

dark red hair color 2015

auburn hair color 2015

2015 hair color ideas

How to Dye Your Dark Hair in Red Shades

If you don’t wish to go for a professional hair dyeing at a hair salon, you can dye your hair at home. Though a darker red shade will be not as much damaging than a brighter one, there are some rules to remember, such as using deep-care conditioning hair products a week prior to hair tinting.

This method will guarantee that your dark  red hair color lasts much longer and that your curls will be less disposed to damage caused by the chemicals in the hair dye.

After being sure that your locks are ready for the tinting process into , you may spread on the red hair color only after studying the instructions printed on the package and taking an allergy test. Keep an eye on the dying tips and once the essential period of time passes wash your hair with warm water and shampoo, as cold as well as hot water can change the final tint of your dark red hair. Be sure that you look trendy with  Red hair color Ideas for 2015.

hair color purpule

Ginger Hair Color

How to Take Care of Your Red Hair

Red hair requires distinct care as it is a color that weakens very fast. In order to avoid your locks color from getting gloomy, use color protective shampoos and conditioners, particularly considered for red hair color care. Hair shine increasing treatments are also needed from time to time if you want to extend the gloss of your red colored locks.



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