Celebrity Bob Haircuts

Celebrities always look so elegant and stylish and this is why they are considered main trendsetters of trends both in fashion and hairstyles. There are numerous celebrity hairstyles that are worth to be mentioned but as for me celebrity bob haircuts are the best. I have prepared amazing selection of celebrity bob hairstyles for ladies who want to be in the centre of attention.

Length Bob Hairstyles

Bob haircut is the most popular haircut of all times since 30s and till now. It has been upgraded and changed zillion times and till now it is A one for millions of women. Still wonder whether it is worth to wear bob haircut or not? Let me tell you the advantages of bob hairstyle and may be then you will be ready to chop off boring long hair and become the owner of the hottest hairstyle ever.

Jessica Stroup bob hairstyle

First style that I want to show you is angled bob that looks so hot and sexy. Sharp edges on the front will add foxy and magnetic allure to your glimpse. What else can be better that to have so addicting haircut with minimal effort. Why minimal? Just imagine you wash hair and spend only ten minutes to straighten short locks. Isn’t it great? Ladies with straight hair can do nothing but wash and blow dry hair.

Angled bob haircut can be worn not only straight but also wavy and curly. Such design will look even more feminine and cute.


Another popular celebrity haircut that I want to show you is long bob that is perfect option for those who cannot say goodbye to long locks. Moreover, long bob can be easily styled in elegant up-do like bun, chignon or twist.

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