Hairstyles 2015

The list of hairstyles 2015 is here to inspire you.

We are ready to kiss goodbye to this year and meet new year full of brand new designs in fashion industry and hair trends yet we still have time to through a quick glance to hairstyles 2015 and find out which were the hottest designs and which are going to be trendy next season.

The hottest hairstyles 2015 were surely short and medium short haircuts like pixie, short bob and asymmetric bob haircuts that were so often seen on the red carpet.

More elegant styles were classy bob and long bob hairstyles completed with layers and bang. Both elegant and bold designs were popular this season and next season two you will be totally free to choose whatever you want.

embedded_textured-bob-hairstyle embedded_short-layered-bob-hairstyle

embedded_shoulder-length-bob-with-bangs embedded_medium-asymmetric-haircut

embedded_layered-bob-haircut embedded_asymmetrical-bob-hairstyle

embedded_long-pixie-haircut embedded_bowl-cut-pixie-hairstyle

Asymmetry is key detail to have modern and stylish look. Just like previous season, this season too asymmetry was very popular and numerous designs were completed with asymmetric layers. I am sure that next season too asymmetry will dominate. You can choose asymmetric bob or half shaved design with longer layers on one side and almost shaved or short crop cut hair on the other.

Long hairstyles are still trendy and this season too millions of women chose super long hairstyle. For 2015 stylists offered both blunt cut and layered designs. Everything depends on hair texture and image you wish to have.

What about hair colors 2015? New hairstyle will not be complete without fresh and dazzling hair color so if you want to have smashing look do not forget to upgrade your look with new hair color.

All natural shades of blonde from golden to strawberry and caramel are trendy. More subtle colors like brown and brunette will always be trendy. Due to low maintenance of such colors more and more women choose those shades.

embedded_shoulder-length-feathered-haircut embedded_choppy-layered-haircut

embedded_shoulder-length-layered-hairstyle embedded_heavy-layered-shoulder-length-hairstyle

embedded_long-choppy-layered-hairstyle embedded_layered-hairstyle-with-long-bangs

embedded_long-layered-aurbur-hairstyle embedded_brown-hair-with-blonde-highlights

embedded_long-bi-level-haircut embedded_long-layered-hairstyle-with-bangs

embedded_honey-blonde-hair-color embedded_creamy-yellow-blonde-hair-color

embedded_ash-blonde-hair-with-blonde-highlights embedded_strawberry-gold-hair-color

embedded_long-layered-ombre-hairstyle embedded_layered-hairstyle-with-blonde-ombre-tips

embedded_cinnamon-brown-hair-color embedded_medium-brown-hair-with-golden-highlights

embedded_auburn-hair-color-photo embedded_medium-brown-with-red-highlights

embedded_chestnut-brown-hair-color embedded_chocolate-brown-hair-color

embedded_auburn-red-hair-color-shade embedded_auburn-red-hair-color-trend



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