Medium Hairstyles for Round Face

Medium hairstyle is the best choice nowadays and it is amazing in any aspect. The length is perfect to style it easily. The versatility of haircuts and styling options will not make you get bored and you will have so much fun when styling medium length hair. Besides of those qualities medium haircut has another great option; it is considered the best choice for round face shape. Unique face framing quality of medium haircut makes face look slimmer and more feminine without going for harmful diet. Did you like the idea of having show-stopping look? Here is a selection of medium hairstyles for round face shapes and some styling ideas for your consideration.

Medium HairstylesMedium Hairstyles 01

Round face shape can be defined easily. The width and length of face is almost identical. Right chosen haircut can totally change image and make wide cheeks look less round. You just need to keep in mind some basic rules that are necessary when choosing suitable haircut for round face shape.

First thing to be done is to find perfect length that will hide the width of cheeks. The length should be chin length or longer. Try to avoid choppy layers that will place the accent on cheeks and chin.

Another detail to keep in mind is to stay away from tight curls. Fluffy curls will make face look even wider and it can ruin your image.

Medium Hairstyles 09Medium Hairstyles 07

It will be better to keep hair straight or styled in loose barely seen waves. Such hairstyle will add soft lines to face and make it visually slimmer.

Your hairstyle will be more complete when stylish bang is added. As we are talking about round face shape, layered side bang will be more suitable. Moreover, layered bang will be perfect option of medium haircut.

Medium Hairstyles 03Medium Hairstyles 08



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