Medium Curly Hairstyles; 2014 Summer

The combination of two best details like medium length hair and curly texture can look really smashing if only styled in a proper way. If you are the owner of natural curly hair or you have shoulder length hairstyle you can check out this collection of medium curly hairstyles for 2014 summer that will arm you up with some creative ideas and tricks.

2014 Curly Hairstyles for Medium hairCurly Hairstyles for Medium hair

Medium Curly HairstyleCurly Hairstyles for Medium hair 2014

This season natural hairstyles are of great popularity. Hair gurus advise to keep things simple and stay away from super polished and neat hairstyles. Instead, you can vamp up your look with messy designs like messy waves and curls. What about medium length haircuts? I should say that this season was devoted to versatile looks and midi haircut is A one that can provide you with desired versatility.

Among the most popular medium haircuts that are included in 2014 hair trends I want to mention long bob and layered bob that are perfect options for women and girls of all ages. There are many other medium hairstyles both blunt cut and layered that are trendy this summer. So you have already got medium haircut and you are looking for new ways to style hair. Here are some easy tricks for you.

curly hair04curly hair03

curly hair05curly hair02

For summer the best hairstyle that will make you look cute and stylish is tight and fluffy curly hairstyle. Such hairstyle will be suitable for layered bob or soft layered shoulder length hairstyle. In order to style tight curls you will need either rollers or curling iron. For that tight effect keep the iron a bit longer but be careful not to damage hair. After you have styled curls, leave them cool down and run your fingers through hair to make them fluffy.

Tight curls 2014Tight curls



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