2015 Blunt Bangs Hairstyles

Blunt bang hairstyle still rocks and it is still considered the easiest way to transform hairstyle. No one can resist high dose of seductiveness so why not to become one of those beauty bunnies with blunt bang. Take a sneak peek at those pictures and decide whether you can pull off such modem hairstyle.

blunt bangsHairstyles  with blunt bangs

2015 blunt bang hairstyles are as hot as previous season designs. The only difference is that new season designs are even bolder, a bit longer and more massive. Eyebrow sweeping blunt bang will be amazing option for both medium and long hairstyles. As being perfect option to frame your face and make it look more magnetic make sure you choose suitable length and measure of bang for hair type and face shape.

Hairstyles with  blunt bangsHairstyles with blunt  bangs

Layered short haircut will look more complete and fashionable with baby bang.  If you have got short blunt bob, super blunt eyebrow sweeping bang will look simply stunning. Keep on hand flat iron and texturizer to style blunt bang super sleek but make sure you do not overload hair with styling product.

Long blunt hairstyle can be upgraded with blunt bang that will create deep contrast between super long tresses and blunt bang. Again blunt bang should be styled poker straight while the rest of hair can styled both wavy and sleek.

Hairstyles with blunt bangs Hairstyles with blunt bangs 02

Hairstyles with blunt bangs 04Hairstyles with blunt bangs 03

Hairstyles with blunt bangs 05Hairstyles with blunt bangs 06

Hairstyles with blunt bangs 07

Hairstyles with blunt bangs



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