Hair Glaze Treatment

There are many factors for attractive and flawless hairstyle like natural sheen, volume, smooth touch and so on but the most important thing that is more eye catching and obvious is hair sheen. No matter you have stylish and trendy haircut it won’t look smashing if hair is dull. Unfortunately because of many external factors like pollution, cheap styling products and tools as well as hair dying products that can not only make hair look dull but can easily damage it nowadays natural healthy and glossy hair is such a rare thing. So which is the best solution of this beauty dilemma? I have several ideas for you.

Tips for Glossy hair Tips for Glossy hair

One of them is quite simple and really cheap. I offer you to include natural ingredients and homemade masks in your hair care ritual. Nothing can provide your tresses with all necessary vitamins and minerals than natural products. Hot oil treatment is the best one that will provide hair with natural sheen and silky touch. Still those options should be done regularly and only then you will feel revitalizing effect of natural masks. If you want to have immediate result then you can use second option.

Rachel Bilson Wavy Hairstyles

I have not once turned to celebrities for a dose of inspiration because they always look flawless and elegant with her ultra-hot hairstyles, dazzling makeup and stylish outfit. At this time I have turned to beauty bunny Rachel Bilson’s inspiration. I always liked her beautiful ombre hair color and lose waves so I decided to recreate her image.


There is nothing complicated about recreating Rachel Bilson’s image. For ombre hairstyle you should first bleach the edges and then color in golden blonde. In case you have natural blonde hair you can simply color the roots into brown. After you have colored hair you should learn how to get that loose effect of waves.

The best way to style waves is large rollers. It is very important to choose large rollers otherwise curls will be too tight. In case you don’t have them you can use curling iron; just take thick strand and do not keep the iron too long. Once you have finished the styling process tousle hair with fingers and spritz hairspray. Your celebrity wavy hairstyle is ready.

Layered Punk Hairstyles

Are you the lover of alternative hairstyles? If so, new 2013 fall hair trends include numerous bold and really extravagant hairstyles that are meant to break the monotony and dull look of simple haircut. Alas, not everyone dares to wear such bold and nontraditional hairstyle and they only admire all the beauty of edgy hairstyles.

Modern hair cutting technqiues give a chance to recreate even the boldest desire and all you have to do is to get ready for changes.

Layered Punk Hair Styles02

Which is the easiest way to create nontraditional haircut? Layering is surely the answer. Again, new hair cutting tricks offer zillion designs like asymmetric, razorerd, choppy and etc. The hottest layered hairstyle that will complete your ultra-modern image is layered punk hairstyle. Actually punk design looks quite elegant until it is styled in a proper way.

Layered Punk Hair Styles03

When it comes to styles of layering the best option is razoring. This special technique creates choppy layers that will look simply fantastic when styled with texturizer.

Medium Layered Hairstyles

Long gone are the days of monotony and simple styles. This is the era of great changes and you should stay on trend and never blend in the crowd. Do you like the idea of having the hottest haircut for coming fall? If so let’s find out some secrets from hair gurus.

asymmetrical layered hairstyleBob Layered Hairstyles

Blonde Layered HairstylesLayered Hairstyles with Bangs

When it comes to modern haircuts hairdressers offer just one detail, layering. This is the only option to create haircut that can be changed without any difficulty. The great variety of layered hairstyles includes both long and short styles that are simply fantastic. In any case layering is very functional design and it will set you free from difficult styling steps. Well I have perfect option for you.

Angelina Jolie Hairstyles Pictures

angelina jolie hair angelina jolie hairstyles

angelina jolie hair angelina jolie hair 05

New Ponytail Hairstyles

Do you know which is the most popular pulled up hairstyle of past seasons? I am sure that you have answered without thinking. Yes you were right, it is ponytail. No matter it is casual ponytail, glamorous tight tail or modern braided tail, it still remains A one for any occasion. Classy ponytail hairstyles that have been upgraded with new details are also included in 2014 hair trends so let’s find out which are the hottest designs for fashionistas.

Elegant ponytail hairstyles01

Looking for business hairstyle? Slicked ponytail is perfect choice. High sleek ponytail with deep side parting will look simply irresistible when combined with elegant suit. For flawless look you should first straighten hair with flat iron and then try to create tight tail without flyaway strands.

Justin Bieber Cool Hairstyles

Justin BieberJustin bieber new hair

justin bieber hairjustin bieber hair 01

Men Hairstyles Trends

Men fashion is as interesting and luxurious as women’s fashion and they are equally discussed. When it comes to men hairstyles trends everything becomes more exciting. 2014 hair trends have already represented several amazing male haircuts that are chosen by celebs and have become trend in such a short period of time. If you also want to stay on trend and become the owner of modern haircut, just take a sneak peek at male hairstyles trends and find out what is going to be fashionable for coming fall and winter.

short haircuts for men

Short hairstyles are best option for men and this statement is being proved so many years. New season trends also include numerous male short hairstyles. Most of them are quite popular designs that have survived past season and new season too they are going to be on trend. One of them is spiky hairstyle that is very frequently chosen by celebs. You can find numerous designs of spiky or faux hawk hairstyles on any red carpet event and all of them can be easily recreated if only you have got short choppy haircut. Grow out hair a bit and ask your hairdresser to add some choppy layers to the crown area that can be styled in spikes.

If you think that you have no patience to style spikes you can simply chop off hair and wear classy buzz cut hairstyle. This classy design is chosen by millions of men and I am sure that it will never go out of the fashion just like long hairstyle for women.