Rihanna Popular Hairstyles

If you are a fan of Rihanna you probably know all her beautiful transformations from beauty bunny with super long hair to lady vamp with asymmetric short haircut but if you are not aware of her beauty makeovers, I offer you to check out this brief gallery of Rihanna’s popular hairstyles and may be you will even get some inspiration.

Rihanna long hairstyles

Rihanna is the one that just goes crazy about going for dramatic changes. One day you can see her with elegant long hairstyle and then she can shock you with half shaved head. But let’s start from the beginning of her career and try to find out which is the best celebrity hairstyle.

Rachel Bilson Hairstyles

Rachel Bilson hair 01 Rachel-Bilson-hair

Rachel Bilson hair styleRachel bilson hair with bangs

Classy Up Do Hair Styles Pictures

Bridal updo hairstyle


Jessica Simpson updo hairstyle


Styling Beach Waves

Still wondering which is the hottest hairstyle of this summer? Stop surfing through web pages, just check out those beach wavy hairstyles and decide whether you can pull off so sexy hairstyle. Keep on hand your beauty kit with styling tools and products and get ready for makeover with the following guideline.

If you don’t know right ways of styling beach waves I offer to check out some video tutorials or the following tips that will help you to create flawless look.


Beach WavesBeach Waves 2013

The most important thing about beach wavy hairstyle is no heat styling options. As it is summer, there is no need to torture yourself with styling iron. Instead, there are so many tricks that will help you to create smashing beach waves with minimal effort.

Miley Cyrus Cute Hairstyles

Miley Cyrus Hair

miley cyrus curly hairstylesmiley cyrus hairstyles

miley cyrus 2013 hair casualmiley cyrus 2013

Elegant Up-do Hairstyles

Pulled up hairstyle has already become women’s secret weapon to have neat and classy look and that’s why every season hair gurus create brand new up-do hairstyles as well as upgrade already popular classy up-dos. Besides of being functional pulled up hairstyle is the best option for formal occasions and it is utterly important to know some of them and use skills on an occasion.


As pulled up hairstyle opens face and makes facial features more accentuated you should be twice as attentive when choosing design. It should be perfectly suitable for face shape and this is the only condition to have attractive look. If you want to hide some imperfections of face to want to make face look more feminine and elegant you should know proper options to hide imperfection. If you have round face shape try to stay away from too tight and slicked up-do hairstyles. In order to make face look slimmer you should choose more relaxed and messy up-dos like messy bun or ponytail.  

Cornrows Hairstyles

Recently cornrows hairstyles have made a huge comeback and it is popular not only among women and girls but also among boys. There are so many styles of cornrows and plaiting techniques that talking about all modern designs will be simply waste of time. Let me just say a few words about cornrows and how they are created.

african hairstyles cornrows

Unlike simple French braid, fishtail or any other kind of braid cornrows hairstyle is rather complicated and only professional hairdresser can create flawless hairstyle. Due to special plaiting technique braids are created very close and tight to the scalp. The better cornrows are plaited the longer the hairstyle will last. 

Black Women Hairstyles

Black women have so many things that we envy like their fruity curves, wild beauty and of course their natural black hair. Let’s forget about other features and talk about African American hairstyles ideas that are popular among celebs and beauty icons.

When someone says afro hair I immediately imagine fluffy corkscrew curls. In fact, recently such hairstyle is very popular not only among black men and women but also among white women who love afro style.

Hairstyles for black women

Afro hair has many advantages and the best one is thickness. Every woman wishes to have thick and heavy hair yet strong texture of afro hair makes the styling process a real torture. Nowadays there are numerous hair care products, styling formulas and hair relaxers made special for afro hair that are meant to ease the styling process and give silky touch to dry hair.