Retro Bowl Cut Hairstyles

Just like previous season, coming fall and winter haircuts trends include numerous retro designs that have been upgraded with modern details. Just like in hair trends, retro allure is present everywhere be it fashion, makeup interior or exterior design and this tendency is quite strong. It means you do not have to worry that your image will be boring after a month or so.

Let’s get back to new retro hairstyles that are included in the list of the hottest styles of coming season. I will leave behind retro curls and waves as well as all those styling options to have retro hairstyle, instead I am going to introduce you amazing selection of retro bowl cut hairstyles that have got totally new value in hair trends. May be once those hairstyles were considered rather simple and boring but just take a look at those bowl cut designs. They can be everything but not boring.

2015 Bowl CutsBowl Cuts

Bowl Cuts 2015Bowl Cuts 2015

Perfect retro style of bowl cut hair is blunt cut design with longer hair at the top and short crop hair at the nape and sides. Retro hairstyle is styled sleek without any flyaway stand or tousled effect. Tricky job, especially for the owners of curly hair. Only high class flat iron and hair straightener can provide you with flawless look. Still thanks to our hair gurus and a group of professionals that set trends nowadays we have got line of modern bowl cut hairstyles that are less strict and funkier.

Hair gurus were really creative when upgrading retro bowl cut hairstyle with modern details and as a result we have got real parade of ultra-hot and sexy designs perfectly suitable for our fashionistas. Asymmetric layers, blunt bangs, crazy colors and this is just the beginning.

2015 new Bowl CutsBowl Cut 2015

Bowl 2015 CutsBowl Cut 2015



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