Hair Color Trends 2014

Flattering Hair Colors

Hair color just like hairstyle has great importance for physical appearance and that’s why when it comes to choosing hair color women simply get confused. If you have made up your mind to go for color changes I offer you to learn some basic rules that will help you to find the most flattering shade as well as some tricks on how to keep hair healthy and fresh.


First and the most important thing to be done is to find out what your skin type is. Cool tones of skin like porcelain fair and medium fair can be combined with any light and cool color. Shades of blonde like platinum, icy caramel and strawberry blonde will be just fantastic. Cool tone will be in balance with light skin and will not make it look pale. Natural tones of red like ginger and copper are also great options for fair skin especially if you have green eyes.


Hair Highlights 2014

Bored of your casual hairstyle? I guess you are eager to find out the easiest way to brighten up look. As for me the best way to upgrade your look is to go for new hair color. 

Hair Highlights 2014

Fab Hair Highlights 2013

Many women change hair color for different reasons but most of them wish to change image. It can be radical change from brunette to blonde or redhead. Of course such makeover is a real stress for your tresses and coloring should be done only by the professional. Still not everyone wants to go for such dramatic changes and choose subtle color close to base. If you haven’t decided yet what image you wish to have I want to offer you golden middle way for you.

Hair Highlights 2014

Gorgeous hair highlights 2013

Short Haircuts and Hair Colors

Short hairstyle is without doubt the hottest one nowadays as it emphasizes strong and independent nature of modern women and this is the main reason why so many girls and women of all ages keep hair short.

Short haircut is the one that accentuates all your best features and of course some little faults. Surely modern hair cutting techniques will help you to hide all those imperfections.


Trendy hair colors for short hair 01

Short haircut will look even more fantastic when completed with proper hair color. The hottest one that is suitable for short haircut is blonde. What else can look more seductive than super short blonde hair. Cool platinum blonde, icy blonde as well as all warm shades will create stunning look but if you are not ready to bleach hair you can add few blonde highlights. 

Blonde Hair Color Trends

If anyone asks you which is the most popular hair color I can surely say that blonde is the answer. Beauty bunnies of all times were blonde and today too zillion ladies choose blonde hair color is the hottest. Every year hair color trends are updated with new blonde shades and women now have so many colors to choose from.

Are you tired of your natural hair? I guess it is time to become one of those sexy bunnies with blonde hair.


Blonde hair color surely looks smashing but it is of high maintenance. It is not suitable for all skin tones and it is rather capricious yet the result will be simply stunning. If you are ready to devote so much time on hair care, you just need to ask your hairdresser to grant you with blonde color. As a real professional, hair colorist will choose the most suitable shade for your complexion so if you want to have flawless look the help of pro hairdresser is must.

Dazzling Hair Colors

Skip the gallery of subtle and natural hair colors and jazz up your look with vibrant and dazzling shade. Going for dramatic makeover has advantages and disadvantages so if you have decided to go for color change let’s find out some pros and cons and then find out what is trendy this season.


The greatest advantage of new hair color is changes in image. I am sure that you don’t want to blend in the crowd with simple and dull hairstyle and the easiest way to brighten up your look is to change hair color. Still color change can be a real disaster in case you choose color not suitable for your skin tone. Bright and dazzling color surely looks hot but you should twice as attentive when chosen proper shade. The consultation with pro colorist is must.

Choosing Hair Color

Hair color is as important as hairstyle when it comes to woman’s physical appearance. Nowadays there are infinite hair shades, coloring products as well as coloring tricks that can help you to fulfil even the boldest dream. Still, hair dyeing is not an easy process especially if you are rookie in the art of hair coloring.


You can face many problems when coloring hair if you decide to do it at home. Of course it will be cheaper to color hair at home yet you can end up with damaged hair. Still, if you really want to experiment with new color, you should keep in mind several rules and tricks on how to choose proper color and how to color hair at home.