Bob Hairstyles

2015 Layered Bob Hairstyles

2015 hair trends that have been revealed just recently include numerous bob hairstyles and it is no surprise because bob haircut is still considered the best one of all times. Don’t believe me? I want to introduce you some of bob haircuts’ qualities that will help you to make up your mind easier.

layered bob hairstyles03

Are you afraid of experiments? If not, get ready to practice your skills on your brand new layered bob haircut. You ask why layered bob? I want to say that layering is the best trick to oomph up the volume of thin hair as well as break bulky texture of heavy tresses. Moreover, layering will provide you with more styling options and you will never get bored changing hair from curly to sleek and etc.

Medium Curly Hairstyles; 2014 Summer

The combination of two best details like medium length hair and curly texture can look really smashing if only styled in a proper way. If you are the owner of natural curly hair or you have shoulder length hairstyle you can check out this collection of medium curly hairstyles for 2014 summer that will arm you up with some creative ideas and tricks.

2014 Curly Hairstyles for Medium hairCurly Hairstyles for Medium hair

Medium Curly HairstyleCurly Hairstyles for Medium hair 2014

This season natural hairstyles are of great popularity. Hair gurus advise to keep things simple and stay away from super polished and neat hairstyles. Instead, you can vamp up your look with messy designs like messy waves and curls. What about medium length haircuts? I should say that this season was devoted to versatile looks and midi haircut is A one that can provide you with desired versatility.

Long Bob Hairstyles 2014

Season changes, trends change but there is one thing that will never change. Bob haircut will always be popular. With little upgraded details and twists classy bob haircut remains one of the most frequently chosen design all over the world. This has several reasons so let’s find out some of them.

Bob haircut is the one that is suitable for all face shapes. Moreover, let’s consider long bob hairstyle that is perfect option for any age, face shape and hair texture. Long bob hairstyle will surely become lifesaver for all your beauty dilemmas.

Katie Holmes bob haircut

As a perfect source of inspiration you can turn to celebrities who have already chosen long bob hairstyle and learn some new ways on how to style it.

Medium Hairstyles for Women over 40

There are many ways to look young and attractive but most of them are too expensive and even dangerous like plastic surgery or too expensive makeup products that can bring to fatal skin diseases. On the other hand there is simple and very effective way to look young.  The secret is proper chosen haircut that will hide some imperfection and add youthful vibe to image.

Medium Hairstyles Ideas for LadiesMelina-nature-curly-hair-style

Nowadays there are so many beautiful and elegant hairstyles that will be suitable for ladies over 40 but the best one is surely medium length haircut that has modern look of short design and functionality of long hairstyle. Isn’t it great to have such a lifesaver? Women over 40 should keep in mind several rules when choosing new haircut. 

Best Medium Hairstyles

For all those ladies who still cannot solve beauty dilemma I have great idea for you. Among all the best and trendy haircuts of 2013 and 2014 I want you to choose medium haircut that features all necessary qualities and functions that you need.

Cool Medium Hairstyles 04Medium Hairstyles 2013

Shoulder Length Medium HairstylesCool Medium Hairstyles 03

What does it mean? Ok I will explain. First of all medium haircut is of low maintenance. Even the most unmanageable hair can be easily styled due to perfect hair length. Being golden middle way for women who cannot maintain long hair and at the same time can’t go for total makeover medium haircut has become some kind of lifesaver. So we have got already two advantages and they are really very important. Let’s go on.

Celebrity Medium Hairstyles

Can you tell me what the most popular celebrity hairstyle is nowadays? If you do not know the answer I can help you. Here is a gallery of celebrity beauty bunnies who wear the hottest haircut of all times. I am talking about fashionable medium hairstyles. 

If you have never chopped off hair and worn medium hairstyle you will never know how versatile it can be and what styling options it can give you so if you really want to have celeb worth look it is high time to get a dose for coming makeover.


Jessica Alba medium length hairstyles

There are infinite designs of medium haircut from classy blunt cut to modern layered and all of them are gorgeous. First one that I want to show you is long blunt bob with blunt bang or without bang. More often blunt bob is worn super sleek with deep or middle parting. This style will be just perfect for round and oval face shapes.

Hairstyles with Choppy Layers

Stop blending in the crowd with simple and casual hairstyle and find out what is going to be trendy this season. Still the best trick to have trendy and fabulous hairstyle is layering. In fact, this hair cutting technique is the most popular and frequently used one for both men and women’s haircuts. For new season hair gurus offer to go for choppy layering as it is the quickest way to vamp up boring and casual look.

Layered hairstyles of this season

Choppy layers can be added to virtually all haircuts and hair lengths. Besides of being trendy detail choppy layering is meant to boost the volume of thin locks and at the same time break bulky texture of heavy hair.

Let’s begin with short haircuts. All trendy short hairstyles are completed with layers. The style of layering can be either graduated or choppy but as we are talking about modern haircuts choppy layering is more preferable.

Layered Bob Hairstyles

There are many retro hairstyles that have survived the decades and till now are popular and all of them are simply gorgeous. Both haircuts and up-dos place the highest rates in the list of modern hairstyles but there is A style that is the best at least for me. I am sure that you thought of the same style. Yes the answer is bob haircut. 

Fabulous Bob Hairstyles

Since 50s bob hairstyle continues its glorious way up and I am sure that it will always be trendy. Every year retro bob has been upgraded with new details and every time hair gurus surprise us with their fantasy. I thought that there is nothing more to be created but when I looked through the pictures of 2013 bob hairstyles I simply forgot all words.