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Celebrity Bun Hairstyles

Looking for party hairstyle and still don’t know what to choose? Let’s turn to celebrities for a dose of inspiration. Checking out one of the latest red carpet events I found a tendency. Recently all celebrities choose vintage and classy designs. Of course there are some that still shock us with their unimaginable and crazy images. But at this time I want to introduce you only classy hairstyles, mainly celebrity bun up-dos for final occasions.

Aishwarya Rai updo hairstyleelegant updo hairstyle

amber heard updo hairupdo hairstyles

Thanks to the group of pro hair gurus our beauty bunnies always look flawless and no wonder why we always turn to them for inspiration. Most celebrity hairstyles are complicated and can be recreated only with the help of professional. Surely you can choose best design and turn to the help of hairdresser but be ready to pay the bill.

Celebrity Formal Hairstyles

Looking for something new and original for coming party? I have put together some of the best celebrity formal hairstyles from red carpet events that will be a dose of inspiration for you. As a true beauty bunny you know that formal hairstyle just like evening gown and makeup should be suitable for your complexion. Even if you choose the best design it won’t look show stopping if it doesn’t match you.

Group of professional hair stylists make unimaginable things and no wonder why celebs look so flawless. Not everyone can afford the help of professionals and all we can do is to learn how to create celeb worth look without that group.


Elegant  hairstyles

curly updo healthy

Let’s begin with classy designs that will never go out of the fashion. Ballerina bun is the one will be suitable for any occasion be it wedding, prom, informal party or business meeting. Best style suitable for formal outfit. Depending on the occasion you can go for simple bun or more complicated design with extra volume. 

Celebrity Face Slimming Hairstyles

Beauty icons from Celebville dictate tendncies in fashion, makeup and hair trends and the reason why this statement is a huge group of devotees and fans. Actually this is great because they wear the best and the trendiest designs that are created by the best designers, makeup artists and hair gurus. It is quite wise and reasonable to get a dose of inspiration from celebs.

Celebrities wearing Face Slimming Hairstyles 01Celebrities wearing Face Slimming Hairstyles

At this time I want to represent you selection of celebrity hairstyles for round face shape. The reason why I separated those hairstyles is that more often women do not take into consideration face shape when choosing new design but I must say that it is the greatest mistake you can ever do. Hairstyle is meant to bring out your best features and at the same time hide little faults so it is worth to take this factor into account.

Celebrity Ombre Hairstyles

Ombre hairstyle still places the highest rates in hair coloring trends and this is why so many women and girls go for this style. Ombre hairstyle is very popular in Celebville and you can see numerous celebrity ombre hairstyles that can be amazing source of inspiration for you.

hair color ombreOmbre hair color

Ombre hairstyle is dark roots hairstyle that looks like one has grown out blonde hair. May be someone has left dark roots grow out and it then became a trend but I should say that it is one of the most gorgeous hairstyles that anyone could ever find. Transition from dark to light makes hair look longer and more voluminous. Celebrities wear the hottest ombre hairstyles and they look flawless. If you want to have similar hot look you can look through this selection of ombre hairstyles and pick the one that will help you to create celeb worth look.

Celebrity Medium Hairstyles

Can you tell me what the most popular celebrity hairstyle is nowadays? If you do not know the answer I can help you. Here is a gallery of celebrity beauty bunnies who wear the hottest haircut of all times. I am talking about fashionable medium hairstyles. 

If you have never chopped off hair and worn medium hairstyle you will never know how versatile it can be and what styling options it can give you so if you really want to have celeb worth look it is high time to get a dose for coming makeover.


Jessica Alba medium length hairstyles

There are infinite designs of medium haircut from classy blunt cut to modern layered and all of them are gorgeous. First one that I want to show you is long blunt bob with blunt bang or without bang. More often blunt bob is worn super sleek with deep or middle parting. This style will be just perfect for round and oval face shapes.

Celebrity Formal Hairstyles

Celebrities always shine on the red carpet and that’s why they are still considered the main source of inspiration for millions of women all over the world. As soon as they appear on the red carpet their dresses, makeup and hairstyles become trend of new season and every woman tries to copy one or the other image.

There were many iconic images on the red carpet that became the topic of so many discussions and arguments and here is another gallery of celebrity formal hairstyles that will arm you up with new creative ideas.

Celebrity HairstylesCelebrity Hairstyles 01

Celebrity Hairstyles 02Celebrity Hairstyles 2013

Celebs just adore wearing elegant up-do hairstyles and red carpet event is another perfect chance to show off their beauty. Recently celebrities more and more often wear simple up-do hairstyles that look even more feminine and cute than complicated up-dos. It can be simple ballerina bun, top knot, ponytail, braid or any other pulled up hairstyle that will accentuate facial features. All those styles are easy-to-do and can be recreated without having any special styling skills.

Celebrity Long Hairstyles

Celebrities from Celebville still inspire us with their style and beauty. They set trends in everything be it fashion or hairstyles. Let’s get a dose of inspiration from celebrities who wear the cutest long hairstyles. I have put together the best examples for you so that you can get new ideas on how to style your beautiful long tresses.

Long Hairstyles 2013Long Hairstyles 2013

Of course long hair is great and nothing can be compared with gorgeous locks cascading on shoulders. Still wrong hair care routine and styling can ruin image. First of all take all necessary steps to keep hair healthy. There is no need to buy expensive products for hair care. Homemade masks and conditioners are more effective and cheaper. Learn some lifesaving recipes that will revitalize your locks and provide you with a perfect canvas. Trimming is another trick to keep hair fresh and healthy without split ebds. Once you have got smooth and silky tresses you can copy any celebrity image.

Celebrity Long Hairstyles

Are you in need of new styling ideas for your smashing long hair? I have put together some of the hottest celebrity long hairstyles that will surely show you some fantastic designs for casual as well as formal occasions.


As new season is announced the one of natural and elegant styles we will consider only natural looking designs that are very easy to do yet they look even more romantic and feminine than any sophisticated design. Nothing can make you look so sensual and sexy than long wavy hairstyleCelebrities just adore wearing wavy hairstyles and you can see numerous examples on red carpet events. There is nothing complicated about styling waves. Just keep on hand your beauty kit with curling iron or rollers and shine serum as a secret weapon for celeb worth look.