Celebrity Formal Hairstyles

Looking for something new and original for coming party? I have put together some of the best celebrity formal hairstyles from red carpet events that will be a dose of inspiration for you. As a true beauty bunny you know that formal hairstyle just like evening gown and makeup should be suitable for your complexion. Even if you choose the best design it won’t look show stopping if it doesn’t match you.

Group of professional hair stylists make unimaginable things and no wonder why celebs look so flawless. Not everyone can afford the help of professionals and all we can do is to learn how to create celeb worth look without that group.


Elegant  hairstyles

curly updo healthy

Let’s begin with classy designs that will never go out of the fashion. Ballerina bun is the one will be suitable for any occasion be it wedding, prom, informal party or business meeting. Best style suitable for formal outfit. Depending on the occasion you can go for simple bun or more complicated design with extra volume. 

Recently celebrities more often go for simple and casual designs. This is so amazing because nothing can highlight woman’s femininity and natural beauty better than simple hairstyle. I can be cute braid, a bit tousled ponytail, wavy bun or anything else that will highlight your beautiful features.

Hair accessory has great importance when it comes to formal hairstyle. Celebrities wear luxurious accessories with precious stones. If you cannot afford such accessory you can find the one with semi-precious stones.

bunsprom hairstyle

bun hairstylesbun hairstyles for prom

updo hair wavybun hairstyle for formal events

Curly updosElegant bun hairstyle

Elegant updo hair

Jessica Alba wavy updo



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