Hairstyles 2014

2014 Medium Layered Hairstyles

Do you really care about wasted time on hair styling? If so, you can easily chop off long hair and become the owner of trendy medium haircut. There are so many medium length haircuts and styling ideas that you will never get bored experimenting with them.

hair style medium length with layerescool layered medium hairstyle

In the greatest versatility of medium hairstyles I want to mention medium layered hairstyles that are of great popularity this season. New season trends include so many designs suitable for any hair texture, face shape and age. This hair length is perfect to wear it loose or pulled up and in both cases you will spend only few minutes. Let’s consider several medium layered hairstyles and I am sure that you will find several amazing designs for you.

Stylish Short haircuts 2014

2014 hair trends already revealed that coming season is going to be hotter than this one. All the most daring and modern designs have been upgraded with even more fashionable and futuristic details and as a resualt we have got so gorgeous collection of haircuts and hairstyles.

Among the trendiest hairstyles 2014 I want to show you those new stylish short haircuts that are meant to boost confidence and sexuality of modern women. Are you ready for dramatic makeover? Let’s find out new short designs.

Short Layered Haircut 03Short Layered Haircut

Short Layered Haircut 02Short Layered Haircut 01

The main trick to give haircut modern look is layering. This hair cutting technique is the most popular one for all hairdressers and today you will hardly find any trendy haircut that is not completed with layers. Together with the growing popularity of layering every new season hairdressers create new styles of layers for any hair type, hair length and preference. 

2014 Hairstyles for Prom

One of the ways to look attractive and feminine on such a big day like prom is surely hairstyle and it should be chosen with great care. Thanks to zillion hairstyles as well as hair styling techniques one can easily find the best formal hairstyle yet such versatility can easily confuse you. I offer you to check out these new formal hairstyles for prom that are perfectly suitable for teen girls.

hairstyles for Promenade01

As we are talking about prom hairstyles, we shouldn’t forget that we are talking about teen girls’ styles. Let’s forget about sophisticated designes and consider cute styles that are age appropriate. Before talking about prom hairstyles I want to give you advice. Girls love to experiment with different haircuts and hair colors but in order to stay away from hair disasters avoid changing hair color or haircut. You can do it a month or two before the big day.

Long Bob Hairstyles 2014

Season changes, trends change but there is one thing that will never change. Bob haircut will always be popular. With little upgraded details and twists classy bob haircut remains one of the most frequently chosen design all over the world. This has several reasons so let’s find out some of them.

Bob haircut is the one that is suitable for all face shapes. Moreover, let’s consider long bob hairstyle that is perfect option for any age, face shape and hair texture. Long bob hairstyle will surely become lifesaver for all your beauty dilemmas.

Katie Holmes bob haircut

As a perfect source of inspiration you can turn to celebrities who have already chosen long bob hairstyle and learn some new ways on how to style it.

2014 Short Blonde Haircuts

Fair blondes look fantastic with any haircut be it long or short as dazzling color already looks breathtaking. If you have already got blonde hair color but you want something new and fresh I offer you to go shorter. Of course it is very bold decision but I will try to show you all the benefits of short haircut and may be you will find it worthwhile to chop off hair.

Jennie Garth Short Blonde Hairstyle


Natural blonde tresses are thin and fine and in order to make them look more voluminous haircut should be completed with layers. No matter it is long or short haircut layering will be great option to oomph up the volume. In case with short haircuts layering will be the key detail as it is the only way to create versatile and modern haircut. Thin fine hair will have extra volume with soft tapered layers. Short bob with graduated layers will look simply stunning when styled sleek or a bit tousled.  

Midi Hairstyles with Bangs

Keep hair medium length if you want to have stylish and fashionable look. Nowadays modern women who have lack of time for simple things try to have easy-to-do yet glamorous hairstyle. Busy rhythm of life dictates rules and that’s why hair gurus have created so many hairstyles perfectly suitable for modern women. If you also want to have such flawless look like those beauty bunnies check out the following midi hairstyles with bangs.

medium hair with cute bangsmidi hairstyles with bangs 2014

New designs of medium haircuts are more often completed with layers. This trick is used to add extra volume to thin hair or movement to heavy tresses. Moreover, layered hairstyle is more easy to transform and you will never get bored experimenting with new designs. 

Cool Short Haircuts

Tired of drifting through the pictures of 2013 hairstyles? Still cannot find the best option for you? I offer you to leave behind all your ideas about trendy hairstyles and just take a closer look at these cool short haircuts. As being the most popular and frequently chosen haircut of this season there is no chance to have casual look so after you got one of these short designs you will feel all the impact of your brand new image.

2013-Cool-Short-Hairstyles-TrendsCool Short Hairstyles Trends 2013

Cool Short Hairstyles Trendsshort hair with long layers

Short haircut is surely stylish and sexy as well as it will help you to forget about exhausting hours spent styling hair. Still, before going for dramatic changes you should consider some factors like your face shape, hair texture and of course lifestyle. This trick will help you to find the most optimal style for you so that you will have flawless look.

New Ponytail Hairstyles

Do you know which is the most popular pulled up hairstyle of past seasons? I am sure that you have answered without thinking. Yes you were right, it is ponytail. No matter it is casual ponytail, glamorous tight tail or modern braided tail, it still remains A one for any occasion. Classy ponytail hairstyles that have been upgraded with new details are also included in 2014 hair trends so let’s find out which are the hottest designs for fashionistas.

Elegant ponytail hairstyles01

Looking for business hairstyle? Slicked ponytail is perfect choice. High sleek ponytail with deep side parting will look simply irresistible when combined with elegant suit. For flawless look you should first straighten hair with flat iron and then try to create tight tail without flyaway strands.