New Ponytail Hairstyles

Do you know which is the most popular pulled up hairstyle of past seasons? I am sure that you have answered without thinking. Yes you were right, it is ponytail. No matter it is casual ponytail, glamorous tight tail or modern braided tail, it still remains A one for any occasion. Classy ponytail hairstyles that have been upgraded with new details are also included in 2014 hair trends so let’s find out which are the hottest designs for fashionistas.

Elegant ponytail hairstyles01

Looking for business hairstyle? Slicked ponytail is perfect choice. High sleek ponytail with deep side parting will look simply irresistible when combined with elegant suit. For flawless look you should first straighten hair with flat iron and then try to create tight tail without flyaway strands.

Elegant ponytail hairstyles

More relaxed and casual styles of ponytail are messy side tail or low tail; those styles will look fantastic for summer. If you have wavy or curly hair you can do nothing but tie hair in a loose ponytail. Cute hair accessory like braided headband, flower, hair clip or colorful ribbon will be a finishing touch to your effortlessly chis up0-do. For extra dose of glamour you can leave few strands loose on the front.

Elegant ponytail hairstyles02



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