Hair Care Ideas for Black Hair

Natural afro hair is cool sexy and very attractive if only it is healthy and glossy. And here comes the biggest problem as taking care of black hair is not as easy. Black hair is the one that needs much effort, special hair care and styling routine and neglecting one or another rule can do a bad thing for image. If you still struggle against tangled and frizzy hair it is high time to learn some hair care ideas for black tresses that will help you have flawless look with minimal effort.

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The secret of woman’s silky hair and flawless skin is healthy habits and diet so before thinking about hair care rules and steps you’d better rearrange your life and habits.

Another reason why hair can get frizzy and dry is frequent washing and it concerns to both afro hair and other types. If you have normal to dry hair you can wash it twice a week. In case with greasy hair you can wash it every other day with moisturizing shampoo.

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The best thing you can do for your hair is to use natural products or at least hair care formulas that contain more natural ingredients. Do not forget to use moisturizing conditioner every time you wash your hair. Deep conditioning mask should be used every week.

The main problem of black hair is frizzy effect and the easiest way to deal with such hair type is hot oil therapy. Cocktail of oils like jojoba, olive, Castor, coconut and other natural oils with provide hair will all necessary vitamins as well as give them moisture for a long time.

The greatest mistake that women do after washing hair is wrapping wet tresses with towel. Natural dry hair get frizzy and tangled faster when you wrap it with towel and leave for a while. You just need to pat hair with towel and air dry. Never begin styling hair with blow dryer or flat iron when tresses are still wet.



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