Blonde Hair Colors 2015

Platinum blonde tresses are left in the past to be stylish and fashionable go for the golden miracle of blonde hair colors 2015: beige blonde. Together with the medium pigmentation, you will similarly have a sweet appearance and natural gloss with this stylish tint of blonde.

After developing as a great trend last year, the beige blonde hair hue is getting more and more widespread as a preferred tone of blonde for many women who wish a more natural attitude to light tinted tresses. Becoming blonde is also a faultless base for investigating with highlights and low lights for a unspoiled summer sun-kissed appearance.

Celebs Who Love Beige Blonde Hair

The golden touch of beige blonde has involved many celebrities from Taylor Swift and Natalie Portman to Nicole Richie and Jennifer Aniston. The perfect thing in beige blonde is that this hair tint looks dreamily natural on many women, even with plenty of roots displaying.

The Olsen Twins are also fans of the beige blonde hair shade and it similarly makes miracles for Blake Lively complimented with a few darker lowlights.

Blonde hair color 2015

2015 Nicole_Richie_beige_blonde_hair_color

Light Beige Blonde Hair Color

Medium to light blondes are able to simply develop for the lightest tones of beige blonde without any bleaching. If you are warring platinum blonde and champagne blonde tresses, the changeover to this natural golden tone will be rather easy.

The one difficult you could come across the light beige blonde hair tint is if you have an orange shade previously present in your curls. No need to try to color your tresses yourself, go to an experienced colorist who has experiment of offsetting the orange with a color in a violet base, that revokes out the orange, leaving area for the lovely golden tones of beige blond.

Beige Blonde Hair 2015

Beige Blonde Hair Color 2015

Medium Beige Blonde Hair Color

If you are naturally a dark blond or a redhead, the medium beige blonde hair tint is your perfect option. Even though you are thinking of adding highlight sand low lights, take a medium tone and don’t say no to tiny bleach. Just the once the right tone of medium beige blonde hair color 2015 sets in, you are free to develop it with extra touches of tint or just enjoy its lovely shine in contradiction of slightly bronzed skin.

dark blonde hair

dark blonde hair color 2015

Dark Beige Blonde Hair Color

Brunettes should every time pick a dark beige blonde hair color and add low lights for the best natural appearance. If your tresses are too dark, you probably would have an unpleasant time of bleaching them yourself at home, therefore visit a salon for the correct tone of dark beige blonde.

If your eyes are green, any beige blonde will be pleasing, but a darker skin tone is most matched to a little darker beige blonde hair color.



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