Brunette Hair Colors 2015

Brunette hair color was the most popular one of all times and this statement has several reasons. First of all it is the one that suits all skin tones and complexions and this is why women so often choose dark brown hair color. Another advantage of brunette hair is low maintenance; in comparison with bright rich pigmented colors like red or blonde dark brown color doesn’t fade quickly and needs less effort.

brown_hairhair colors for dark hair

Hair color trends 2015 include all shades of brown and brunette and all of them are trendy this season. For 2015 summer hair colorists offer to choose dark rich chocolate brown shades that will complete sun kissed skin. If you have made up your mind to change your image for this summer, I offer you to check out those pictures of brunette hair colors and find the one that will suit you most.

Natural brunette hair color is very popular among celebs and you can find numerous examples of smashing brunette hairstyles for your inspiration.

Brunette Hair Colors 2015 Summerdark brown hair

Brunette hair color surely looks smashing and it can definitely transform your look but before going for changes you’d better analyze skin tone in order to find perfect tone of brown. Fair skin tone will simply glow when combined with dark brown color while warmer and tanned complexion can be combined with warmer shades of brown like chocolate or dark brown.

More often brunette hair color is combined with few hair highlights. This is great especially for those who think that dark brown looks harsh. Brunette can be combined with all shades from blonde to red and purple.

natural brown hair colorcelebrity brunette hair color

brunette hair with highlightbrunette hair & highlights



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