Choosing Color for You

Women just go crazy experimenting with different hair colors and there are also some who change color almost every week. I know that it is rather stupid thing and it can damage hair up to fatal results. Still thanks to zillion semi-permanent hair colors that don’t include harsh chemicals coloring process has become less harmful and frequent experiments are justified.

The guarantee of flawless look depends on several reasons like high class coloring products, perfect condition tresses and proper color protective steps. But the most important thing is the ability to choose color perfectly suitable for skin tone.



The latter factor is utterly important because when you neglect it and choose wrong shade your face may look pale and dull so coloring process should be begun with analyzing skin tone.

Skin tone can be either cool or warm. Porcelain, fair and medium fair skin tones are considered cooler and the best option to make skin look fresh and healthy is to combine such skin tone with cool hair color. Tones like platinum, strawberry or caramel blonde, natural shades of red like ginger and copper as well as natural brown will be perfectly suitable for such complexion.



Warmer skin tones like medium tanned and tanned should be combined with warmer colors. Golden, dirty blonde, chocolate brown, dark shades of red and well as brunette are tones that will make tanned skin even sexier.

Black and red hair color
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