2015 Long Hairstyles

Thinking about long hairstyle I have contradicting feelings; from one point long hair is highly feminine and elegant, from the other it is of high maintenance and hard to manage. So can we consider long hair an advantage of disadvantage? Let’s check out some of the best long hairstyles 2015 and maybe we can find the answer to my dilemma.

Long hairstyles trends

For 2015 fall hair gurus offer to wear perfectly blunt cut long hairstyle completed with blunt bang. Geometric strict lines will place the accent on your eyes make your image even more magnetic. Still such haircut needs much effort to style poker straight and if you have natural curly tresses you’d better stay away from blunt hairstyle.

Long updo hairstyle


The owners of curls and waves should definitely go for layering as it will boost the volume of hair and will not make long tresses look dull and lifeless. Moreover, layering will help you to get rid of slit ends once and for all. Do not forget to go for regular touch ups and no matter you have blunt cut or layered hairstyle.

At last, to complete your heart breaking look add stylish bang to your super sexy long hair. Again geometric bang will look bolder and sexier but if you want to open your face and make your features look softer you can go for side bang. This is great option for long layered haircut.



Long hairstyles for sport



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