Black Women Hairstyles

Black women have so many things that we envy like their fruity curves, wild beauty and of course their natural black hair. Let’s forget about other features and talk about African American hairstyles ideas that are popular among celebs and beauty icons.

When someone says afro hair I immediately imagine fluffy corkscrew curls. In fact, recently such hairstyle is very popular not only among black men and women but also among white women who love afro style.

Hairstyles for black women

Afro hair has many advantages and the best one is thickness. Every woman wishes to have thick and heavy hair yet strong texture of afro hair makes the styling process a real torture. Nowadays there are numerous hair care products, styling formulas and hair relaxers made special for afro hair that are meant to ease the styling process and give silky touch to dry hair. 

black women long curly hairstyleblack women hairs

The usage of high class styling products and tools gave black women a chance to get rid of fluffy curls and recreate any hairstyle they wish like super sleek or loose waves. Thanks to natural thick hair any haircut looks gorgeous be it short or long. The only thing to be done is to pay attention to face shape and complexion. As a source of inspiration women often turn to African American celebs who always wear the newest haircuts and hairstyles.

Rihanna bob

What about black women hair color? More often they keep natural ebony black or brunette hair color that is perfectly suitable for tanned skin. Still there millions of women who go for dramatic changes and choose totally contrastive color like blonde, fiery red, pink and even bolder color combos. I cannot say which one is better natural color or bolder style, but one thing is for sure; never stick to one and the same style for a long time.







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