Short hairstyles trends 2014/2015

Want to know which are the trends of coming fall? I have prepared this selection of ultra-hot and trendy haircuts for all those fashionistas who are not afraid of expressing their attitude towards world and modern lifestyle.

Funky pixie hairstyles03

You already know that I am talking about short haircut. In past decades and century wearing short haircut was something like a taboo and it was criticized in the worst way. Thank God we are living in civilized world where anyone can choose what he likes and prefers.

Ok enough historical facts; let’s get back to our topic. 2014/2015 hair trends already represented numerous styles of short haircuts both bold and quite elegant for any taste and personality. Still A trend that placed the highest rates is pixie hairstyle. Why is this haircut so popular? Well there are several reasons. First of all it suits virtually all face shapes and hair textures.

Short Pixie Hairstyles for 2014

Funky pixie hairstyles01

Next best thing is low maintenance. Women with busy schedule will surely like to have gorgeous hairstyle in five minutes. Just run fingers through hair and give it desired shape. It can be faux hawk, sexy slicked back design, tousled curls or anything that will complete your outfit. Of course I know that chopping off hair from first shot is not an easy thing but, believe me, you will never regret about that choice.

short pixie hairstyles 2015

Funky pixie hairstyles04




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