Worst Hairstyle and Haircuts 2015

Let’s take a breath, collect our courage and turn towards the horrible truth! There were created several mad hairstyles out there that are without difficulty announced as being the worst hairstyle and haircut 2015.

Ladies, find below a list of what could certainly be recognized as the worst haircuts ever:

Worst Hairstyle and Haircuts 2015

The Rachel

Rachel character from the famous and loved ‘Friends’ is familiar to everybody. That is the reason that her hairstyle turn out to be extra popular so that nearly every woman out there wished to look as if Jennifer Aniston’s character. It was a real “madness” and many women had this haircut, without taking into consideration the fact if it suited them or not. Aniston even admitted later that she hated that appearance.



The Mullet

Perhaps one of the worst hairstyle and haircut 2015, the mullet demonstrate a style that is short in the front and on sides and long in the back. Possibly the top of its popularity were the beginning of 1980’s. Currently it is just a worthy reason for a long lasting laugh.

The 70’s Ear Covers

Well, here is a appearance that we desire to forget. Bobby Brady and Pete Ross were stuck between the trendsetters.

The Mullet on Balding Man

No necessity to refer to this trend. Long hair perhaps rewarded for the one lost.

The 80’s Perm

You should not forget Cher’s big curly black tresses or Mariah’s frizzy curls? They were two of the most typical stars to ware this hairstyle.




There was a period in our lives when this hairstyle was cool, more correctly, in the early 2000’s. Having African origins, this cut implied your hair to be plaited closely to the scalp.

The Bowl Haircut

Similarly famous as helmet haircut, this hairstyle involves a modest haircut with blunt fringes. And above, the rest of the tresses had the similar length.

Bowl Haircut

Bowl Haircut 2015

The Rat Tail

All of us have seen as a minimum one of its admirers. Let’s hope that it will never be fashionable for a second time.

The Faux Farah Haircut

This hairstyle has name of gorgeous Charlie’s Angels goddess as a honor to her, the blonde Farrah Fawcett. Many ladies wanted to achieve her attractive wavy haircut but it was not for everybody. It is similarly popular as “The Trailer Parker”.

Farrah Fawcett Hairstyle

Farrah Fawcett Hairstyle 2015

The Jheri Curl

This was a definitely popular hairstyle in the 1970’s and 1980’s among the African – American public. It embodied a perm hairstyle which was created by Jheri Redding.



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