Medium Sleek Hairstyles 2015

The owners of poker straight hair surely don’t know what it is like spending so much time on straightening hair with blow dryer and flat iron. Still sleek hair also has disadvantages; it often looks dull and lifeless and needs extra volume. Thanks to zillion hair styling products one can add desired volume but without proper haircut it will be a bit tricky.

Straight layered hairstyles 01

There are many styling tricks that will make sleek hair look voluminous but first of all make sure you have got right haircut. Super long hair surely looks smashing but long hair will weight down and make hairstyle look dull so the best way is to go shorter and keep hair medium length. So you have already got one detail. Blunt cut medium hair again will look dull so complete it with layers. Medium layered haircut is perfectly suitable not only for sleek hair but also for heavy and thick tresses.

The style of layering is very important because if you choose wrong one, the result will not be as perfect. In order to add extra volume you should choose tapered layers and add them to the crown area. When styling medium layered haircut use round brush and lift the roots when blow drying. If you do not style hair with blow dryer use large roller to lift the roots.

Straight layered hairstyles 02

Sleek Medium Hairstyles with Layers

Straight layered hairstyles 03

Straight layered hairstyles 04



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