Hair Highlights

Hair Highlighting 2015

Hair coloring has already become an essential part of our life and women take it for granted without thinking of future. Of course hair coloring is the best way of makeover but those harsh chemicals can totally damage hair and bring to serious hair problems. This problem becomes more serious for those who bleach hair once a month. So what to do in order to have attractive look and at the same time keep hair away from disasters?

Stylish hair highlights04

There is a way out. Hair highlighting 2015 will be secret trick to brighten up your look with minimal risks. This is actually the same hair coloring but here only the part of tresses is colored yet the result is much better than block colored hair.

Hair highlighting is widely used by hairdressers and every year hair trends are updated with new fantastic styles of hair highlights. No matter you want to have natural looking hairstyle or something wild and crazy you will find desired hair highlighting. There are many coloring tricks for hair highlighting and most of them are quite simple. If you have some skills you can learn basic rules from video tutorials and then color hair for your own. Of course there is a risk to make mistakes and if you are not sure about it you’d better stay away from experiments.

Hair Highlights 2015

Bored of your casual hairstyle? I guess you are eager to find out the easiest way to brighten up look. As for me the best way to upgrade your look is to go for new hair color. 

Hair Highlights 2015

Fab Hair Highlights 2015

Many women change hair color for different reasons but most of them wish to change image. It can be radical change from brunette to blonde or redhead. Of course such makeover is a real stress for your tresses and coloring should be done only by the professional. Still not everyone wants to go for such dramatic changes and choose subtle color close to base. If you haven’t decided yet what image you wish to have I want to offer you golden middle way for you.

Hair Highlights 2015

Gorgeous hair highlights 2015

Daring Hair Colors 2015

Coming 2015 season is going to be trendy not only with the boldest haircuts and hairstyles but also with a palette of daring hair colors that will help you to create bold and nontraditional image. 2015 hair trends include more and more futuristic designs that break all concepts of classy hairstyle. Are you interested in alternative designs? Take a closer look at this collection of daring hair colors 2015 and pick the one for coming makeover.

silver hair colorred hair color

Hair color with shadesHair color

Recently stylists and hair gurus often represent palette of pastel hair colors like pastel pink, blue, green, orange and other similar shades that look both daring and elegant. Such designs are not suitable for dark skin tones and not everyone can pull of such nonconformist style but if you are sure that you can pull of similar hair color, you’d better turn to pro hair colorist who will grant you with desired pale pastel tone.

Fall 2015 Hair Color Trends

Unfortunately summer is over and gone are the days full of joy and sun. But there is no reason to lose your heart because we are getting ready to meet new season that has prepared for us great surprises. New season styles both in fashion and hair trends showed us numerous fantastic ideas on how to have trendy and stylish look for coming fall and winter.


I have already showed you selection of trendy hairstyles for 2015 fall and now I want to introduce you palette of hair colors that are going to be on trend. Just like previous season this season two both options are going to be popular.

Popular Shades of Blonde 2015

Blonde color still rocks and I guess that it will never go out of the fashion. Thanks to high class hair bleaching and coloring products anyone can get desired shade of blonde even if natural hair is black. Of course in this case there is a risk to damage hair and it can bring to fatal results. If you do care about your tresses never experiment coloring hair for your own and leave this job to professional who will grant you with the hottest hair color. Let’s get back to blonde hair color and popular shades of blonde that are included in the list of 2015 hair color trends.

Blonde hair tonesBlonde hair tones ideas

First of all I want to say that natural hair color is more appreciated this season and all natural shades are trendy. When it comes to shades of blonde hair stylists offer to choose darker tones. 

Hair Highlights for 2014

Alas sunny days are gone and rainy days are coming. Still there is perfect way to spice up cold days with bright colors and the answer is hair highlighting. There is no need to stick to monotony when there is perfect way to stand out from the rest of the crowd with smashing hairstyle. Thanks to numerous coloring tricks no one would like to have simple and dull hairstyle so do not waste your time and fund out some of the popular fall hair highlights.

perfect-hairGlamorous hair highlights

For this fall hair stylists offer to go for warmer tones. Wide palette of shades will give you a chance to find flattering tone for your natural hair. There is no need to go for block coloring; you can keep natural tone and simply update it with colored strands. 

Stylish Short haircuts 2014

2014 hair trends already revealed that coming season is going to be hotter than this one. All the most daring and modern designs have been upgraded with even more fashionable and futuristic details and as a resualt we have got so gorgeous collection of haircuts and hairstyles.

Among the trendiest hairstyles 2014 I want to show you those new stylish short haircuts that are meant to boost confidence and sexuality of modern women. Are you ready for dramatic makeover? Let’s find out new short designs.

Short Layered Haircut 03Short Layered Haircut

Short Layered Haircut 02Short Layered Haircut 01

The main trick to give haircut modern look is layering. This hair cutting technique is the most popular one for all hairdressers and today you will hardly find any trendy haircut that is not completed with layers. Together with the growing popularity of layering every new season hairdressers create new styles of layers for any hair type, hair length and preference. 

Celebrity Bold Hair Highlights

Celebrities inspire us not only with their haircuts and hairstyles but also with their hair colors especially those who wear dramatic and nontraditional designs. Thank God there are still crazy girls who like all that stuff and if you also are the lover of unimaginable color combos, you have found the right post. This collection of celebrity bold hair highlights will surely inspire you for total makeover.

funky highlightsfunky two tones

Block colored hair looks bold but not everyone dare to wear such design so the best option is to spice up natural hair with bright highlights. Nowadays there are so many colors and vibrant tones that you will never get bored experimenting with hair. If you would like to change color more frequent you can go for semi-permanent hair dying product that will not last long and will be less harmful for hair.