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Emo Hair Colors

Tired of monotony and casual designs? I guess it is time to represent you totally new styles for the lovers of nontraditional designs. Well get ready to plunge into a new world of colors and bold designs with these examples of emo hairstyles and hair colors.

Emo hair color 01Emo hair color 02

Emo hairstyle is anything but boring and casual. It is meant to brighten up look and complete emo image. As being unique expression of emo’s personality hair gurus created so many bold and dramatic styles that will be perfectly suitable for emos, punks and Goths. If you are looking for new ways to accentuate your inner world, here is dazzling palette of emo colors.

Highlights for Brown Hair

Brown hair color is may be the most popular and frequently seen hair color. It looks natural and demands less care and effort than other vibrant shades and that’s why this color will never go out of the fashion. I am sure that you have at least once worn brown color and you know how it feels to be sexy brunette.

Still dark colors like brown and black can sometimes look harsh and a bit boring. So what to do to make brown hair look smashing? There is perfect way out. Just add few highlighted strands and you will see beautiful transformation of your hairstyle.

brunette hairstyles funkly highlightsbrunet hair color

Nowadays there are so many hair coloring techniques as well as numerous shades and undertones that you will surely be able to find something new and creative. There is no reason to stick to monotony when there are so many ways to look attractive.

Brown hair color can be combined with virtually all shades from vibrant red and purple to subtle blonde so when going for changes you should first of all decide whether you want something nontraditional or you want to wear elegant and subtle hair color.

Celebrity Ombre Hairstyles

Ombre hairstyle still places the highest rates in hair coloring trends and this is why so many women and girls go for this style. Ombre hairstyle is very popular in Celebville and you can see numerous celebrity ombre hairstyles that can be amazing source of inspiration for you.

hair color ombreOmbre hair color

Ombre hairstyle is dark roots hairstyle that looks like one has grown out blonde hair. May be someone has left dark roots grow out and it then became a trend but I should say that it is one of the most gorgeous hairstyles that anyone could ever find. Transition from dark to light makes hair look longer and more voluminous. Celebrities wear the hottest ombre hairstyles and they look flawless. If you want to have similar hot look you can look through this selection of ombre hairstyles and pick the one that will help you to create celeb worth look.

Lowlights Hairstyles

Multi tonal hair color has already become the most popular coloring trend and it will never go out of the fashion. It is much more interesting to wear multi tonal color than simple one tone hairstyle. The versatility of highlights and coloring techniques will never make you get bored. Indeed there are so many smashing and bold color combos that it will be simply impossible to mention all of them so at this time I want to show you stylish lowlights that are among the hottest highlights hairstyles.

Dark Roots Hair Styles01Lowlights

How does lowlights really look? You may first say that lowlights is simply grown out hair with dark roots. You are partially right. May be stylists created lowlights on that prototype and as a result we have got so natural and stylish design. Lowlights can be created on virtually all hair colors. The key detail here is base tone. Depending on natural hair there are two ways to create lowlights.

Hottest Hair Colors

One tone hair color is no longer trendy and if you have stuck to monotony you just ought to find out new ways to spice up your look with dazzling hair color. There are so many ways to look attractive so wearing dull hair is just a taboo for fashionable woman. Do you want to take everyone’s breath away while walking in a street? If so hurry up to find out what is trendy and what is going to be hot this winter.

New season hair colors are bolder, crazier and brighter so let’s forget about natural tones and consider the hottest shades that are meant to break boring and harsh look of simple hairstyle.


Bold Hair Color Ideasbold_color

Gorgeous Bold Hair Color Ideas 01Gorgeous Bold Hair Color Ideas 02

Thanks to modern hair coloring products you can adopt even the most unimaginable color combo. You can complete your natural hair color with bright highlights or totally change your image by hiding natural color. Of course such dramatic makeover needs the hand of pro colorist. If you have decided to dye hair for your own think twice because just a little fault can be fatal. On the other hand, if you really want to experiment for your own, you can at least use semi-permanent hair color that will not damage hair with harsh chemicals. Moreover, semi-permanent hair color will not last long thus giving you a chance to change color easier without going for bleaching.

Multi Tonal Hair Coloring

Tired of monotony and don’t want to blend in the crowd? I have great idea for you. Brand new hair color will help you to change your dull image. I am sure that you knew about this option but you have hardly thought of combining two and lore colors. It is much more interesting to wear multi tonal hair color than simple one tone hairstyle.

Red Hair HighlightsBold Hair Highlights

Besides of being modern and stylish hair highlighting is functional. First of all it can help you to create voluminous hairstyle. Want to create an illusion of unimaginable volume? Just spread thin strands of highlight all over hair and you will see immediate transformation of dull hair into amazing and voluminous hairstyle.  The color of hair highlights should be very close to nature hair. This trick will make the transition from colored hair to natural barely seen thus getting the best result.

Ways to Choose New Hair Color

You are going to visit your fave hair salon and you do not know what to do with your hair. It is such a difficult thing to choose new haircut and it is so easy to make a mistake so we will leave aside this theme and talk about new hair color that is even better trick to change image.

Red Medium HairstylesRed Hair Color

Cute Hair Highlights Ideas 01Cute Hair Highlights Ideas

Nowadays there are so many shades and undertones of hair color, coloring techniques as well as sources of information that you will never feel the lack of information. Still in this variety of colors it is much easier to get confused and in order to stay away from hair disaster you should be very attentive. In case you have chosen contrasting color you should be twice as attentive. Best thing is to ask hair colorist to grant you with the most flattering shade. On the other hand if you are sure about your coloring skills you can save your money and dye hair alone. Of course there is a risk to damage hair and you should take all steps to protect tresses from chemical damage.

How to Wear Vibrant Hair Color

I am sure that you have not once looked trough he pictures of vibrant hair colors and color combinations and you simple passed by and lived with dull hair color. But there will surely be brave women who will be ready to break the monotony and become the owner of the hottest hair color ever. I hope once you will also dare to kiss good bye to natural hair color and go glam with ultra-hot color combo. I want to devote this article to all those brave girls who have changed natural color and adopted bold hair highlighting. 

Bold Hair Highlight

Multi tonal hair coloring is very popular nowadays. There are so many styles color combos as well as coloring techniques that you will never get bored experimenting with hair. I have not once introduced you different styles of hair highlights both subtle and bold but at this time I want to show you some steps and tricks on how to wear vibrant hair color because it is as important as coloring process itself.