Hair Highlights for 2014

Alas sunny days are gone and rainy days are coming. Still there is perfect way to spice up cold days with bright colors and the answer is hair highlighting. There is no need to stick to monotony when there is perfect way to stand out from the rest of the crowd with smashing hairstyle. Thanks to numerous coloring tricks no one would like to have simple and dull hairstyle so do not waste your time and fund out some of the popular fall hair highlights.

perfect-hairGlamorous hair highlights

For this fall hair stylists offer to go for warmer tones. Wide palette of shades will give you a chance to find flattering tone for your natural hair. There is no need to go for block coloring; you can keep natural tone and simply update it with colored strands. 

Besides of natural hair you should take into consideration what image you want to create. For subtle and elegant look try to stay away from vibrant tones and choose highlight shade that will be very close to base tone. Such hair highlighting will not only update your look but also make hair look voluminous.

hair-dyeing-techniquesGlamorous hair highlights 1

Ladies with brown and brunette hair can choose either dirty or golden blonde. Style of hair highlighting can be lowlights that will simply stunning or you can spread thin strands all over hair.

Natural blonde hair can be completed with chocolate brown, natural tones of red or with bolder tones like black, purple, pink or any other innovative shade that is meant to highlight bold individuality.

Glamorous hair highlights 2014Glamorous hair highlights 2014

hair highlightsGlamorous hair highlights ideas



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