Dealing with split ends

Split ends are disaster that can occur to anyone. Split ends make hair look dull and unhealthy. Moreover, if you do not begin to think over that problem you can soon end up with such serious hair disaster like hair loss.

There are many tricks and options that will help you to deal with split ends but the most effective one is regular trimming. Do not be afraid to chop off hair. They will grow even faster.

hair split ends

The biggest problem when it comes to split ends is improper hair styling with cheap flat iron and blow dryer. Even if you use high class styling tools but you still don’t know right ways you will surely damage hair. Never style hair when it is still wet. Always use heat protective serum that will not let styling iron damage tresses.

Next reason that can cause split ends is harsh weather. It can be sun rays , wind and salt water. In order to protect hair you can use hair serums with UV filters. shampooing

Frequent color changes can also cause hair become dull and lifeless especially if you choose lighter shade than natural color. If you really care about your tresses you should simply avaid chemichal hair perms and use natural products like henna that will not only color hair but also revitalize it.



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