Choosing Hair Color

Hair color is as important as hairstyle when it comes to woman’s physical appearance. Nowadays there are infinite hair shades, coloring products as well as coloring tricks that can help you to fulfil even the boldest dream. Still, hair dyeing is not an easy process especially if you are rookie in the art of hair coloring.


You can face many problems when coloring hair if you decide to do it at home. Of course it will be cheaper to color hair at home yet you can end up with damaged hair. Still, if you really want to experiment with new color, you should keep in mind several rules and tricks on how to choose proper color and how to color hair at home.

First thing to be done is to choose color. Try to stay away from dramatic changes like from dark brown to blonde. This transformation can be done only through hair bleaching that is a real stress for hair and no matter how healthy it is. So the best option is to choose color that is closer to the base tone. In this case you will not be mistaken and your hair color will be perfectly suitable for skin tone.



Hair dyeing products include harsh chemicals and even the best product will affect hair. If you have dry and damaged hair you’d better stay away from such bold experiments and choose natural hair dyeing formulas like henna or at least semi-permanent that doesn’t contain so many chemicals.

So you have chosen hair color and product, here comes the most important part. Prepare hair for coloring. Do not wash it the day you are going to color hair; natural oils will protect roots from hair damage. After you have applied the product make sure you do not keep it longer than 20 minutes. At last, wash hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner for colored hair.


 platinum blonde hair color platinum blonde hair color.



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