Flattering Hair Colors

Hair color just like hairstyle has great importance for physical appearance and that’s why when it comes to choosing hair color women simply get confused. If you have made up your mind to go for color changes I offer you to learn some basic rules that will help you to find the most flattering shade as well as some tricks on how to keep hair healthy and fresh.


First and the most important thing to be done is to find out what your skin type is. Cool tones of skin like porcelain fair and medium fair can be combined with any light and cool color. Shades of blonde like platinum, icy caramel and strawberry blonde will be just fantastic. Cool tone will be in balance with light skin and will not make it look pale. Natural tones of red like ginger and copper are also great options for fair skin especially if you have green eyes.


golden blond hair color


Everything becomes more interesting when it comes to medium tanned and tanned skin tones. Sexy ladies with sun kissed skin should choose warmer tones of hair colors. Darker shades like golden, dirty, sand blonde will complete tanned skin and make it truly glow. Darker tones of brown and red will also suit warm skin. The only color that will not look perfect is ebony black as it will make you look even darker and severe. free online chat rooms

brown hair color





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