Keeping Hair Color Fresh

Dying hair in dazzling and modern hair color is only the part of job you should do to have stunning look. Actually coloring is the easiest part that can be done by pro colorist and all you may do is to relax and enjoy your time in hair salon. So what comes next?

Next step is proper hair care rules that will help you to keep hair color fresh and glowing. There are zillion color protective formulas that are available in the market but most of them are useless, the others are too expensive and the small per cent of those products are even dangerous for hair.

Hair Coloring Blundershair_color_picture

After you have colored hair you should immediately buy shampoo and conditioner for colored locks. Moreover if you have chosen blonde or red choose shampoo specially designed for that particular shade.

There are many external factors that can cause color fade but the first one is sun rays. No matter it is summer or winter sun rays can make your hair become dull and lifeless in a very short period of time unless you take all necessary steps to protect hair. The best way is to use hair serums with UV filters.


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Next reason why color can fade quickly is frequent usage of styling tools. Of course hair styling is essential step to have elegant and attractive look but you can at least use heat protective serum that will not let heat damage hair.

If you have done all those steps and feel that color fades quickly you can use hair glaze or gloss that will provide you with healthy sheen for a long time.



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