How to Style Curls

Women with curly and wavy hair are the cutest and most attractive and this is the main reason why curly hairstyles are so popular nowadays. Whether it is natural curly or you have created it with styling iron, you will look irresistible if only you have styled hair properly.


The owners of natural curly hair think that they can do nothing but wash hair and enjoy your curls. Still natural curly hair needs special hair care ritual, otherwise curls will look lifeless and dull. The best way to make hair look flawless is to use natural conditioners. Once you learn how to revitalize your tresses and provide them with necessary moisture you will feel how easily your tresses will be styled and how healthy they will look.

First Date Hairstyles

Getting ready for your first date and don’t know what to do with your hair? Yes, hairstyle has great importance when it comes to dates especially if it is the first one and your image should be flawless. After you have chosen outfit, shoes and accessories, it is time to choose proper hairstyle that will complete your image.


There are so many beautiful and elegant hairstyles that will be suitable for romantic dinner like waves and curls, braids and cute up-do hairstyles so let’s consider some of the best first date hairstyles and I am sure that you will find some useful information for you.

Of course the easiest way to have romantic and very feminine look is to go for loose wavy hairstyle. Soft waves cascading down on your shoulders, what else can make him go crazy? This trick will work if only you have healthy and glossy hair. If you think that your tresses are not in perfect condition it will be better to wear pulled up hairstyle that will hide imperfections but do not forget to take all necessary steps to recover hair so that you will be able to shine with your smashing loose hairstyle. 

Adriana Lima Hairstyles Pictures

Adriana Lima hairAdriana Lima hairstyle

Adriana Lima casual hairAdriana Lima cute hairstyle

Christina Aguilera Hairstyles

Our beauty bunny Christina Aguilera still rocks no matter she has beautiful curves or sexy petite figure. But today I want to talk about her hairstyle evolution from the beginning of her glorious carrier.

Christina Aguilera blonde hairstylechristina-aguilera-blonde-black-hairstyle

Christina Aguilera’s image has changed so many times from medium to super long, and every single time she looked stunning. Just like other beauty bunnies she also liked dramatic changes but there is one thing that she had never betrayed; it is her blonde hair color. Of course she had not once spiced up her fairy blonde hair color with bright highlighted strands like bloody red, black, pink and purple. It was such period that can be called ‘bad girl’ and then she totally changed her image and adopted retro style. When she appeared wearing her classy bob styled in Marcel waves she made such a boom in Celebville and not only that her new image was the topic of discussions for such a long time.

Jessica Alba Hair

jessica alba hair 01jessica alba hair 02

jessica alba hair 05jessica alba hair 06

Hilary Duff Fab Hairstyles

Hilary Duff wavy hair styleHilary Duff long hairstyle with layes

Hilary-Duff-blonde-hair-colorHilary Duff curls

Army Haircuts Ideas

Male army haircuts just like classy up-dos for women will never go out of the fashion as they have special function. Just like office workers have dress code and strict rules about hairstyle, army has even severe rules about haircut and there are no discussions about changing the rules. So which are those army haircuts that are chosen by soldiers and not only?

Army Haircuts trends 2013

The best and most popular style of army haircut is still buzz cut that is very popular among celebs. Super short crop cut hair will set you free from styling steps. Just wash and go. Still such haircut is suitable only for those with proportionate scalp and facial features. If you are not sure about buzz cut hairstyle you can choose high and tight design where the crown area is left slightly longer than the sides and back.

buzz haircut

Flat-top is another variety of buzz cut but it is more funky and fashionable. Here the top is left a bit long while the nape and sides are totally shaved.

Those are the main styles of army haircuts that are popular nowadays. All of them look very stylish and hot. Go for army haircut if you like that masculine and bit brutal look.

flattop-haircuts for men

Megan Fox Hairstyles

megan-fox-hairstyles-long-wavymegan fox updo hairstyle

Megan Fox ponytail Hairmegan fox long ayered hairstyle